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  1. MCN Earnings

    Sounds better. Still a nice reward imho.. Enjoy mining
  2. MCN Earnings

    2.3 coins per hour. Look at block reward has 7 digits before the comma and your number 6. Well, the block reward for one block is about 25 mcn (in this case 22) See my calculation?
  3. MCN Earnings

    2.3 coins per hour is quite accurate right? I also have about 250 h/s and get between 2 and 2.5 coins per hour.
  4. MCN Earnings

    The minergate calculation is quite accurate, they use: Reward = ((hashrate * block_reward) / current_difficulty) * (1 - pool_fee) * 3600
  5. C Sharp Wallet project

    Typing with my mobile so pardon the short anser. We build the core wallet with command line BUT we make a GUI wrapper around it so users dont have to worry about cli. We do this because we want easy maintainability on both the core, daemon, cli wallet and GUI wrapper. With other words, we can fix something in the cli wallet and we don 't have to upgrade the GUI or any other part of the ecosystem. Hope this helps understand, and if needed tomorrow I can make a graph with what you can expect. Best regards
  6. C Sharp Wallet project

    I'll get back to you tomorrow. Good question!
  7. C Sharp Wallet project

    Hi @staymos I think you are bringing up an excellent point. Basically the GUI wrapper itself is very easy. Ive created one already. See the GUI wrapper topic. The new core wallet is another story. We are completely rewriting the wallet in c#, which makes that we are also learning as we go (the way keys are generated etc.). Therefore as much as i'd love to set a deadline, we need to be further in the process in order to do so. I dont want to miss deadlines, i never did in my professional career, and we think it is worse to miss a deadline then bringing it a bit later. In regards to the miner, @GrumpyBum is working on that. Maybe he can update you on that front. I do want to stress that we are progressing and if you like to watch it, check GitHub! Hope this at least gives you some insight. Regards, JJ
  8. Local Language Support

    @Nathen, thanks for your explanation, it's quite clear now. Looking forward to it and keep us posted Regards, JJ
  9. Local Language Support

    Hi @Nathen, ok, let me kick off by asking the following questions: - Will the translation be automatically performed? Or is this a manual toggle button? - I ask this because for myself, I'm Dutch, I'd like to see English (and basically all languages) posts in their original language because it adds context and I can interpret the intonation? - Furthermore, I hope it is possible to switch off the conversion of posts into other languages (even if manually)? Thanks for replying and best regards, JJ
  10. What is the current price of moneta verde?

    I know I won't sell them quickly...I see it as Shares and we determine by how well we can make the currency how much they are worth Furthermore, personally, the exact price of a MCN in dollars or euro's does not interest me at all, I just want to see it getting used, then prices will follow.
  11. Weird loading issue

    True, very true...just look how, especially a couple of years ago, one needed to set opacity in different browsers...nightmare
  12. Weird loading issue

    @Harold Nootz, what's the confusion mate?
  13. Lira - our very own Satoshi

    Didn't knew that fact .
  14. About Local Communties

    Hi @CERON, I hope you saw my post as just my opinion of it at the current moment with the objections I currently have. I want to stress that I'm very happy you're taking the lead in innovating the forum. Perhaps I'm just old fashioned. Be aware that when we do we'll have to moderate it following the guidelines you're creating. I must say I can moderate Dutch/German/English posts but I'll not be able to get the semantics and tone of a Spanish message (I do know how to say No Comprendo though) or any other language and I don't know if any other moderator knows any other languages? But that's it. I follow the majority here and if the consensus is that a sub forum will be required, that's fine by me. Best regards,
  15. Weird loading issue

    I got it with Chromium, FireFox and Vivaldi