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  1. johnJohnsson

    Bueller?.... Ferris Bueller?.?.?.

    Hi @MMLLC! Please refer to the last post of @GrumpyBum for his vision. Even though I quitted the project from developer perspective I still think there is a great future for blockchain as a whole. i concider MCN and SHC as hobby projects, and Im looking forward to future updates even perhaps at a slower pace. I don't understand about a p&d as MCN isn't listed as far as I know? Please note that all admins as far as I know have day jobs, so all work for this project is spare time. Thanks!
  2. johnJohnsson

    Harrier Coin (SHC) Mining Pool

    Feeling like a whale 🐳🤣
  3. johnJohnsson

    Harrier Coin (SHC) Mining Pool

    Thanks @jofta! PS: Love the mining pool and the clear instructions, good work😀!
  4. johnJohnsson

    Harrier Coin (SHC) Mining Pool

    hi @jofta, Maybe a strange question, just wanted to have some fun with a couple of SHC coins, so I decided to mine some using the mining pool, but I seem to not get any rewards after mining for 30 mins😨. Am I missing something (see screenshot below)? EDIT: Screenshot removed
  5. johnJohnsson

    Thank you

    @Ocix33, the announcement I made was my personal decision, not for the other members. Jarad, David and others are still here and they will make their own decisions, this is mine. So I hope you understand that I cannot answer your questions as all I can say is that I made the decision for myself (not the others) to leave the project. To avoid any speculation I can say that I leave this project without disagreements with the other core members which I greatly respect and I wish them and you all the best in the project and in the future. Best regards,
  6. johnJohnsson

    Thank you

    Dear all, This announcement is hard to make but I feel you deserve to know. I will leave the project with immediate effect. I would like to thank David, Jarad and all other core members for letting me be part of the team. And I would like to thank you as member of this project and great community! In regards to the development of the wallet: if anyone is interested in taking over the torch please PM me and I can send the source code. Every end is the start of a new beginning and I wish you all the best in your future journeys and I hope you understand. Best regards,
  7. In order to make this change we need to hard fork because we need to bring in new code, so that we cannot do. Furthermore I have a general remark in this topic that I would like ask all forum members to respect eachothers opinion and level of expertise which this opinion is based on. Thanks in advance.
  8. johnJohnsson

    Sell Before Launch

    That's due to the fact that the MinerGate software incorporated GPU mining, where we currently only have a CPU miner build in.
  9. johnJohnsson

    C Sharp Wallet project

    I'm liking your brainstorm thoughts. These are things we need to take into account and I would like to emphasise that you also have a vote in this. Brute force attacks we can counter by using a limitation but also the nature of the unlocking will make sure you're not actually logging into an account but rather attempting to unlock a door which you dont know whats behind the door as the correct combination will allow you to open the door you want. Sounds a bit unlogical but it makes sense (replying from phone, that's the reason for the short answer, pardon). Regards, JJ
  10. johnJohnsson

    C Sharp Wallet project

    Ok, then for my special project (this might go a bit technical): using a double superkey which will unlock all keys based on logic to extra secure the wallet. The superkey exists of a userID (number generated) + Passcode (to be chosen by the user). Together these will be encrypted to a 32 byte private spend key using RFC2898 Encryption. Then this is the basic for the view key: first 28 bytes of the spend key + 4 bytes of the passcode (again encrypted). Then the private keys will unlock the public keys as already programmed and so on. Basically it adds security as you NEVER have to store keys or passwords or anything as these will be generated "on the fly", all you need (EVER) is your userID + Passcode. It's the same concept as the cool stuff you might have seen in James Bond in the movie "Skyfall" when entering a passcode What are your thoughts?
  11. johnJohnsson

    C Sharp Wallet project

    YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!! You might have no idea how much effort got into the final code fixing to get a valid hash because the SHA3 Keccak isn't the same as the old Keccak 256. Made me pull an all nighter but this is worth it...I will push the code to GitHub for review
  12. johnJohnsson

    Sell Before Launch

    Depends whether you solo mine or not, but let's say you do, then the reward for an entire block is on average 25 MCN, else it is distributed via the PPS / PPLNS system.
  13. johnJohnsson

    C Sharp Wallet project

    Ok, I'm done for now with key generation...I would encourage other devs to have a look at the code to crosscheck the generation. Then perhaps in the meantime I'll fix the prefix stuff. https://github.com/JohnJohnssonnl/MonetaVerdeWalletC/blob/master/MonetaVerdeWalletC/KeyManager.cs
  14. johnJohnsson

    C Sharp Wallet project

    Ready for an 8 hr programming session tomorrow... Let's go over the checklist up front...(lots of) Coffee: Check, Pizza: Check, Music: Check...
  15. johnJohnsson

    What can we do with inf8

    How nice, the blockchain is dead ROFLOL. Untrue as it gets