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  1. JMcHaffie

    Soft Fork

    Something specific to comment on for people would be: Ok, so we need new 'software' (daemon and such)... how do we switch? Do we make a new wallet with the new software, then send ourselves our MCN from our old wallet using the old software? How will this work? Just some basic questions that ought to be put forth / addressed, so people understand better what's actually happening 'to them'
  2. JMcHaffie

    Soft Fork

    I think it's a great idea, and it really amps me up to see this! I've been gone for a bit, and reading around I was a bit worried about the project. Anything we can do to move MCN forward and bring it up to date is, in my opinion, something that should be first and foremost in the process. Obviously we don't want people feeling like they have MCN just disappearing into the ether or something, but this sounds like a well founded fork that resolves a whole lot of issues, that lets us keep moving forward again. Just my 2 cents. I say run with it, and I'm happy to bug test anything you need. I'm not a modern 'coder', but I've done enough programming in my life I can report specifically and intuitively enough to make your life easier to drill down into an issue if one arises if you like. Later!
  3. JMcHaffie

    C Sharp Wallet project

    Greetings all. Long time no type. Crazy busy... anyway - Minergate seems to be working fine for me the last few days so no worries mining for now. Also, the command line miner still works like a champ if you want to do CPU mining, just as a side note. I also note that I can no longer reach the project site. Not too uncommon for the occasional github hiccup if the project gets renamed, or user changes name, etc. I'm sure JJ will update soon. Lot's or progress made and very appreciative of everyone's efforts. Can't rush volunteer efforts like this, especially when it has been so top notch! Later taters!
  4. JMcHaffie

    Is your wallet heavy ?

    Just a reminder all: I know that it is in the distant future, but if there is going to be an INF8 revival at some point, you can merge-mine INF8 and MCN on Minergate (at least for now). Which means whatever hashrate you get, you will be getting that for BOTH currencies at the same time. INF8 is a little easier right now, so you'll see it outstrip your MCN, but that's just ratios, traffic, and algorithms. You will make the same amount of MCN, whether or not you merge-mine INF8 - so why not get both? I've also verified that the original INF8 daemon and wallet works just as well as the MCN does, using the same seed parameters. Transactions work great. Just my 2 cents anyway. Later!
  5. JMcHaffie

    Non Coding Work

    Look at it this way - the most charitable people in the world with their money, are those that have it right? I think the whole idea of the relaunch of this coin that jakzodiac went into this with is a great concept. I've voiced before that there are a lot of people in 'green space' that have their own specific focuses and causes, so perhaps there might be some ways to discuss options of how to donate. Or a community voting system, or some other simple/crazy/whatever idea that would encourage community growth and communication, with some options for where our support will go 'this week' or something. It is a great concept that I think has been overlooked by the crypto market overall for too long. I really hope that MCN takes off running with this idea of not just making money to make money, but remembering that giving some back, guarantees rewards down the road. It always does. Later all
  6. JMcHaffie

    Solo Mining (success rate)

    @Harold Nootz The one built directly into the daemon. I should have clarified. I've not had any luck getting another command line utility, using a pool or solo node mining - to do any better than the daemon is doing by itself on CPU only. In fact, whatever the daemon is using, is finding more blocks on average than any other I've tried for just pure solo mining. I don't know if that helps at all, but just some info.
  7. JMcHaffie

    Lira - our very own Satoshi

    I just remembered... it is called Iota ... it is usually exchanged under MIota (Iota being the satoshi size if you will) and there are sites that use Iota as their faucet / reward for using your browser to mine for XMR, etc.
  8. JMcHaffie

    MonetaVerde Rocks!

    Welcome to the club.
  9. JMcHaffie

    Solo Mining (success rate)

    The built-in miner on the binary clients currently available for windows and linux - I get identical results. CPU only mining available, I get around 36-42 H/s, and I average 2 blocks per day, around 25-26 MCN per block. I got 32 one time. With Minergate, I can use my GPUs, so I get WAY higher hashrates, so I'm pulling down around 100-120+ MCN per full day. Here lately it's been closer to 200 per day. I get around 800+ H/s. So honestly, with a half-decent graphics card, you can pull down 100 per day on Minergate. I've tried to get xmrig to work with nvidia, but it still doesn't get as good of returns. The most I've ever gotten with it is around 95 per day. Just to be clear, when I say day, I mean 24 hours - a full day.
  10. JMcHaffie

    Is your wallet heavy ?

    I was mining MCN back when it was still active though, along with Quazar, BCN, and the like. I just love to play the markets. However, I like to play on the cheap... and "free" (mined coins... low to no cost) I've got around 8k or so left of MCN including what I've been mining lately I think? I'll have to add-up what I've got locally and sitting in MG. I had nearly 500k in BCN, but sold all but 20k when it hit a penny... LOL - I needed some quick cash at the time. Still have the 20k in a paper wallet. That reminds me I LOVE paper wallets. I design new ones all the time. I've got several for BCN. Would love to make some for MCN. I will wait until we fork, then I'll setup a QR code generator, etc. unless someone else does. Great to see everyone so enthused. Can't wait to see all of this just taking off like I know it will
  11. JMcHaffie

    Max Coin Cap Proposal

    12.5 billion is enough for over 1.5 coins per person in the entire world, which isn't possible, as many don't use cryptocurrency. Let's conservitavely say 5 per person worldwide after full adoption happens at some point in the future. that's 5 coins that are divisible to the Nth degree. Even then, if the coin only reached $100.00 at that kind of saturation (which is really low with that kind of adoption) - you're looking at 1.2 trillion dollars in circulation. That's more than enough to support the number of coins in circulation, and confidence in a solid value. Bitcoin was solid for ages all the way up to just about $1200 or so. It just varied up and down right around there for a long time. Only when it skyrocketed did everything go volatile. In the end, I think I agree with the 12.5 billion number as a sweet spot. It will take some time to build value, but it is realistic to maintain a solid value when the cap is reached. Bytecoin is a good example. It's been out for years. Cap is 184,470,000,000. It only recently made it to a penny for one day. It held around .08 up and down for a few weeks. It's back down to .0045 again. I imagine that it will go up to maybe even .5 or possible 1 by the end of the year, but it has been a long time coming, and I don't ever foresee it hitting double digits. Possible of course, just not likely. Anyway, I'm rambling again. LOL - just some random thoughts before I knock out. Take care all.
  12. JMcHaffie

    Lira - our very own Satoshi

    That's basically how any cryptocurrency works. People have to get together and start trading it, or it never has any value. There has to be a fair amount of people willing to show "traffic" in the marketplace. Once it does, it is simply a matter of time and dedication to the cause, and you can at least kick-start the system. I have no preference as to whether we start off using a naming convention for micro transactions, as most exchanges I use don't have secondary names for decimal transactions to go with a particular currency... but it certainly can't hurt, and it's a great name! One way that you could promote it would be the use of Faucets. Exchange web-crunching power in exchange for Lira. I can't remember the name of it, but I had some fun 'mining' some fractional currency that was being sripped down in exchange for Monero mining power from you browser. It was a fun concept and the site was packed all the time. I know I would be willing to donate MCN to the pool, I'm sure others would be as well, and with a Lira faucet - We could build up some extra income for development, website and forums, etc. costs. Just a thought anyway. Later taters!
  13. JMcHaffie

    Meet and Greet

    Oh boy, well I was some form of Field Technician for the last 20+ years. Every kind of hardware/software/datacenter type of environment you can think of. From pizza shops to banks, to major hardware firms that manufacture server solutions. Mostly private contracting the last 5 years. The last couple of years I've been getting more and more into just home inspections. I was picked up by FEMA for post-disaster inspections, and although it can be several months away from home at times, I am finding the change of pace extremely stress-free. Hadn't realized just how much the ol' career and keeping up with the times had worn on me. Not to mention that for whatever reason, IT Field technicians salaries went up like everyone else's until about 8-10 years ago, then for some weird reason - you might as well deliver pizzas for a living now. If I wasn't a private contractor, you max out as Field tech making the same as I did way back in 2003! I mean wow! LOL I'm married, no kids, live in the boonies on a creek, and love it. Other than that... not much to tell. Web dev hobbyist, HAM radio enthusiast, etc. KB0RQB if I hear you out there somewhere. Later!
  14. JMcHaffie

    Will MonetaVerde be traded again?

    I don't think it's a question of if, but when. First of all, it only takes one exchange to take the coin - and as long as we're persistent - that will happen eventually once the code is re-established, and especially if we get a gui wallet on the table, or even proof of concept going. On top of that, although it will be a few months before I'm ready, I'm sure other small shops would be on board to accept MCN for at least a few items. Basically, it's accepting a loss now, in exchange for a possible gain in the future. Sure, I will be accepting MCN essentially for 'nothing' (assuming we're not already on an exchange and I can use an API for exchange rates), but I will be accumulating MCN for when it does hit the exchanges. So as long as we stick with it no matter the length of time, and keep up the momentum behind it, then it is inevitable that it will get picked back up on the exchanges. Keep developing, keep submitting.
  15. JMcHaffie

    Non Minergate Mining

    You end up making more per day with MG since you can use your GPU as well, plus you can merge mine INF8 for later (I usually end up with around 120+ MCN per day and more INF8 using MG). However, I've left the built-in daemon miner running for testing, I've got an i3 and get around 36-42 H/s, and I usually hit an average of 2 blocks per day that are around 25 to 26 MCN a piece. So... if you hate MG for whatever reason, any old miner will do.