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  1. What can we do with inf8

    I got an idea! The INF-8 is mining 2 times more faster than the MCN, so we could do like the system for Dollars/cents and Euro/centimes. The value of the INF-8 could have a constant rate with the MCN like 1/2, 1/10 or 1/100, which will permise to change INF-8 to MCN when you got too much INF-8 and wanna have less number to count like Bill and pieces!
  2. Max Coin Cap Proposal

    A high max coin cap will allow to make micro-transaction with the money, like Bytecoin or Ripple. I thinks it's the best idea for a crypto which will be liked and mined by the community, and less by mining company (they want to make the best profit) And if we watch for example: _Ripple( Max coin cap: 100 000 000 000 XRP for 0,756946 EUR/coin) (The coin has a big value because it's not even possible to mine it) _Bytecoin ( Max coin cap : 184 470 000 000 BCN for 0,003866 EUR/coin) And we can also don't put a max coin cap like Dogecoin (No max coin cap for 0,005093 EUR/coin)
  3. MCN Earnings

    @johnJohnsson Ahah! Thanks for the help anyway
  4. MCN Earnings

    Ok ok i got a 2^40 in my calcul, now i got 2.58 Mcn per hour, look like great better
  5. MCN Earnings

    25Mcn per block? I calculate 2224611 with Log2(Difficulty)
  6. MCN Earnings

    It's write 230287 coins per hour, probably i got a wrong factor
  7. MCN Earnings

    Look like don't working
  8. MCN Earnings

    I find this to calculate earning : ((hashrate*(1-((fees)/100)))/((difficulty*1e9)))*blockReward*3600 If i try with my hardware: ((250*(1-(15/100)))/((7.39*1e9)))*(log2(7390000)*240)*3600 Which give us 0.556 mcn par Hours, strange because i got much mcn par hours
  9. C Sharp Wallet project

    @GrumpyBum & @johnJohnsson: Thanks for the information and the fast answer, i'am now a happy man
  10. C Sharp Wallet project

    Just a retard question. Are you working on a cmd wallet or it's online? Because i'am not really good with Command-line
  11. MCN Earnings

    The best for a calculator seems to be Whattomine.com : they got hashrate and consumption for some card on each algorithm, but the problem is that there isn't the Mcn coins... Probably it's possible to talk with a support of the website to implant the coin or at least have the process to calcul earning, because i don't really know how the difficulty is a factor on the calcul
  12. The story begin..!

    @EnigmaticRaider Atm, this coin don't have value because their is no place to trade it, but with the work of @jakzodiac, MonetaVerde should have a value in the future, so you can do a stock of it
  13. Is your wallet heavy ?

    @CERON No web's site is talking about this money, because it never have a big influence. Inf-8 is a dead coin, mosly because of the infinite supply. One guy wanted to restart it in May, 20th 2017 but no news since... The only pool is Minergate with actually 36.3kH/s and no "World" hashrate. Just to know, MonetaVerde has around 130kH/s in minergate and a little bit more in the "World" hashrate.
  14. The story begin..!

    @jakzodiacI'am now you'r sailor cap'tain! Thanks you
  15. The story begin..!

    @CERON Thanks! i know how it's hard to have a community when we start ^^