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  1. mrwise

    C Sharp Wallet project

    Any new update about the wallet? I could not reach project repisotory https://github.com/JohnJohnssonnl/MonetaVerdeWalletC
  2. mrwise

    Max Coin Cap Proposal

    It is certainly clear that we should make a difference with MonetaVerde in this" cryptocurrency dump". We do not have the luxury of repeating remnants of history. I believe that this community will bring original ideas to MonetaVerde.
  3. mrwise

    Lira - our very own Satoshi

    lol. Actually Lira is also used in Turkey. Turkish Lira. I am pretty sure that Lira also takes Turkish people's attention as well.
  4. mrwise

    C Sharp Wallet project

    Lets look to "Valise" in a different way. Valise in Life: a small traveling bag or suitcase that you can put your things. Valise in Crypto: a virtual bag or suitcase with encrypted security protection that you can put your virtual assets. Valise in French: Valise Valise in Spanish: Valija Valise in Turkish: Valiz Valise in Greek: βαλίτσα (pronunciation is very similar in English) As you can see Valise is an international word that many languages have it with little different nuances. So I am still think that Valise is a good choice. However, you are the developer and you are the one who make this decision. GreenWallet is also a good choice but as I said before it is standard or casual. I mean I do not think that GreenWallet takes people's attention more than Valise. Best!
  5. mrwise

    C Sharp Wallet project

    I think GreenWallet is very regular, common or standard whatever you call. We need a name that make some difference in the mass of cryptoworld. That is why my choice is VALISE. Make MonetaVerde Great again with Valise wallet.