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  1. DTRiPP

    Non Coding Work

    Hey thanks JJ! I completely understand, it's not so much about bringing in wealth as it is so much about the driving force behind MonetaVerde, the idea if you will. I don't think you're a hippy in the slightest, albeit if you are then you certainly don't come across as one. Agreed on the hate part!
  2. DTRiPP

    Launch new seed peers

    Sure thing, I can give it a try.
  3. DTRiPP

    Um, um.

    No need to apologise! It'll take a lot more to scare me off. Unfortunately, I reside in the UK and therefore it may take some time before I respond!
  4. DTRiPP

    Um, um.

    Hi there! Name's Tripp, annnd I've never been good at these sort of introductions. My skills in relevance to this project are nil as my skills primarily lie in hardware and auditing, however I can play as a very good devil's advocate and can come up with pretty decent ideas. err...
  5. DTRiPP

    Non Coding Work

    Not to be a negative Nancy about this, but I do think the donation fees to charities should be optional (if it already hasn't been stated.) As with any cryptocurrency the idea behind it is to make a profit from it. That being said, I *do* think that option is probably the best bet as it would include a large spectrum of what people would like to donate to. i.e Not everyone cares about the ecosystem, some might be more towards war refugees, etc.
  6. DTRiPP

    Launch new seed peers

    Hi there, new to this whole thing! Just an idea while everyone is doing their best at getting this to work. If it's possible, could we make a thread specifically just for nodes/seeds? Then have it stickied for newbies to easily find? If there is one, then please ignore this... Sorry, I haven't slept in a while.