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  1. Ocix33

    Help Get Mcn Listed

    You can see some Details here. Regards.
  2. @jakzodiac @GrumpyBum @Nathen Hi all. This a real concern from someone that trully believes in this project at point to spend already a few Euros and create a mining rig just to MonetaVerde. I also can speak in behalf of @fishbonnes and @MoneraVerde which are my friends that are also ivesting time and money in this project Each one of us by their own means. I'm pretty sure that there are a few other of us that share my/our concerns, problably @WicheR and @campurro that made an awsome job with the Mining Pool. Although i've mentioned all 3 Administrators, this is a post specially to @jakzodiac since it seems that he is the boss of the project. Being so, i start with the following. What is exactly the current Rodmap? I ask this because of the following: @johnJohnsson created a new wallet and made huge progress in it, but it seems that @jakzodiac was not in favor of it and therefore he left the project because os conflict of ideas. @GrumpyBum developed a new coin and gained huge knowledge to put in practice in MonetaVerde and also a wallet, and YET, Jakzodiac did not appreciate the effort and again said that it was not the point he was pointing to. We all know that you, JakZodiac, are in the middle of a Big change in your life like you're already posted previoulsy the reasons. You have all my respect for it. But the community still needs some words. We won't be able to eternally support something that we do not have an answer to. And now, the latest news that are moving a lot of ink and worries. There's a turkysh guy that created a new twiter account of monetaverde_mcn and that says the project will continue in monetaverde.io. He also states that it will be soon available in a exchange. This worries me A LOT, because apparently this guy does not have anything different to offer to the coin, which probably will make it die again in a few months because people will not be cativated with it. If this is the case, what for loose your time, right? So the bottom line is.... It seems that MonetaVerde is at least being spoken. It also seems that there are a few people interested in having it listed again. I at least want it listed but with possibility of growing in value. And for that i believe in you Jakzodiac. So PLEASE GIVE US SOMETHING and point us a direction. I was one of the people that always said it was too soon to have MonetaVerde listed again. I still believe that it is too soon, but having someone to steel this opportunity of creating a valuable coin is really affecting me because like i said, i've already invested in it. Hope that someone of the Administrator can at least give us something to discuss and not the news that no one wants to hear that, you've gave up of the project. Sincerily, Francisco
  3. Ocix33

    blockchain isnt syncing

    sorry, my bad... monetaverded --add-exclusive-node missed the last "0"
  4. Ocix33

    blockchain isnt syncing

    I'm pretty sure you haven't even tryed to look around. the post exactly below yours is exactly the same issue and has exactly the answer you want. monetaverded --add-exclusive-node Regards.
  5. Ocix33

    Unable to sync

    Please do not mistake withdrawl from minergate with blockchain sync. Those are 2 separate actions. Withdrawl from minergate are their responsability and therefore you don’t need your blockchain synced to have it done. Again, this is a minergate service. I’ve also some coins in pending status at minergate from about a week already. Had some delays in the past but this big is the first time. For what i’ve heard, it seems that for the time beying Minergate is not making any withdrawl at all for a reason that only they can tell. second, having your blockchain synced ONLY ALLOWS you to make sure that you can sync your wallet to be sure that you actually have the coins with you. In fact, you only need to have the wallet files backed up in a safe place and not actually synced because all transaction are kept in the blockchain. You need it synced if you want to do a transaction with your coins. bottom line, keep your eyes and worry in minergate and not in syncing blockchain, but if you want to sync blockchain and your wallet use the following command: monetaverded --add-exclusive-nod Regards.
  6. Ocix33

    Kicked off of MinerGate chat

    Nicely done! Announcement should be something really important. Regards.
  7. Ocix33

    Kicked off of MinerGate chat

    And the purpose of this Announcement is????????????
  8. Ocix33

    Daemon not Syncing (Seed node down)

    It should be ~/monetaverde regards.
  9. Ocix33

    Design Phase

    @GrumpyBum please advice what help you need for this coin. Do you need us to keep mining it in order to grow difficulty and blockchain? What kind of tests you want us to do? How can we help you get more results? Thank you. Regards
  10. Ocix33

    Daemon not Syncing (Seed node down)

    Hi And welcome to the forum. You should not worry about that error. It happens because that is a seed node that was out offline because it was costing a little too much for the time. As long you find a seed node to sync, you can ignore those errors. Regards.
  11. Ocix33

    Design Phase

    Awsome news. I've already done the Blockchain sync, created a new wallet and mining with 1KH in the new SHC pool. Installing Visual Studio 2017 to try GUI wallet tomorrow. Sleep time cause it's 3 am here in Portugal. Great news @GrumpyBum! Awsome Job. Thank you for sharing. Regards.
  12. Ocix33

    Soft Fork

    Hi, and thank you for your questions and feedback request from the community. I am far from being an expert and therefore i might be asking some dumb questions, but believe me: If i ask them, surely someone else will also ask them so... - What does this mean regarding the blockchain.bin file? will it keep the actual 6GB size? If we can start a new "blockchain" that would be awsome. 6 gb file is clearly not functional. - Create new deamons or create new wallets won't be a problem to anyone as long we can transfer the coins we have right now and keep them as ours. Fair enough but at this point that is not the main focus. What about encode a creation of a read file where the nodes are written every now and then, using the MAIN seen node to propagate the info? Let me try to explain better. Assume that main seed node is named "THE BOSS". so, everytime we start our Deamon, "THE BOSS" will be contacted and the seed-node file will be downloaded and updated. after that, our Deamon starts automatically with an updated list. So instead of keep hardcoding the seed-node addresses you just need to hard code "THE BOSS" and one or 2 redundant seed-node to avoid full stop if "THE BOSS" is down. I think this says it al!!! Keeping quoting from members answers: To this question i question this: I think that if this is possible, the VERDE from moneta is clearly justified, and the coin will have a lot of followers and gain huge respect because having 4 coins mining just one, is basically saying, Bye Bye Monero! If not possible, then i rather have MCN alone than the possibility of merged mining. Thank you for requesting our feedback. Regards.
  13. Ocix33

    Telegram and Discord

    Let me correct the saying... "We should not put the CAR in front of the bulls".
  14. Ocix33

    Telegram and Discord

    Hi. This issue or similar ones have been already discussed on other threads. This is not the time YET to start publiciting Moneta Verde. Please keep in mind that A LOT OF WORK is being done in the background and MNC in not yet in the status of have massive adherence because when people realise that we have a blockchain of 5,8 GB and not a good website and not a online wallet, that will have the consequence of loosing interest on the coin. This is still the time of having people with IT knowledge joining and try to help. not yet to have the massive public. There is a saying in my country that is something like this: "We should not put the can in front of the bulls". The opposite should happen. Again, IT Knowledge and not massive public. Regards.
  15. Trying to start Deamon in MAC OS X. Steps i've done: 1 - Downloaded blockchain.bin from downloads area. 2 - Downloaded monetaverde cls-mac-x64-v0.90.0.zip fron downloads area. 3 - Copied blockchain.bin to ~/.monetaverde 4 - Started deamon with the following command: monetaverded --seed-node Output as follows: 2018-Apr-02 23:38:24.579549 Starting... 2018-Apr-02 23:38:24.581955 monetaverde v0.8.9.65(0.1-g4079e93) 2018-Apr-02 23:38:24.582353 Module folder: /Users/********/Downloads/mac-os/monetaverded 2018-Apr-02 23:38:24.583848 Initializing p2p server... 2018-Apr-02 23:38:24.584450 Binding on 2018-Apr-02 23:38:24.584700 Net service binded on 2018-Apr-02 23:38:24.584779 Attempting to add IGD port mapping. 2018-Apr-02 23:38:25.618061 Added IGD port mapping. 2018-Apr-02 23:38:25.618184 P2p server initialized OK 2018-Apr-02 23:38:25.618238 Initializing cryptonote protocol... 2018-Apr-02 23:38:25.618411 Cryptonote protocol initialized OK 2018-Apr-02 23:38:25.618478 Initializing core rpc server... 2018-Apr-02 23:38:25.618655 Binding on 2018-Apr-02 23:38:25.618916 Core rpc server initialized OK on port: 26081 2018-Apr-02 23:38:25.619022 Initializing core... 2018-Apr-02 23:38:25.619665 Loading blockchain... 2018-Apr-02 23:38:25.621238 ERROR /Users/user/monetaverde/src/common/boost_serialization_helper.h:82 Exception at [unserialize_obj_from_file], what=incompatible native format - size of long 2018-Apr-02 23:38:25.621346 Can't load blockchain storage from file, generating genesis block. 2018-Apr-02 23:38:25.697381 Blockchain initialized. last block: 0, d2098.h17.m38.s25 time ago, current difficulty: 1 2018-Apr-02 23:38:25.697507 Core initialized OK 2018-Apr-02 23:38:25.697673 Starting core rpc server... 2018-Apr-02 23:38:25.697746 Run net_service loop( 2 threads)... 2018-Apr-02 23:38:25.697939 [SRV_MAIN]Core rpc server started ok 2018-Apr-02 23:38:25.698038 [SRV_MAIN]Starting p2p net loop... 2018-Apr-02 23:38:25.698197 [SRV_MAIN]Run net_service loop( 10 threads)... 2018-Apr-02 23:38:26.699226 [P2P9] ********************************************************************** The daemon will start synchronizing with the network. It may take up to several hours. You can set the level of process detailization* through "set_log <level>" command*, where <level> is between 0 (no details) and 4 (very verbose). Use "help" command to see the list of available commands. Note: in case you need to interrupt the process, use "exit" command. Otherwise, the current progress won't be saved. ********************************************************************** Blockchain start to sync and generates a new blockchain file, deleting the 5,7 GB file available. Anyone knows a work around to load blockchain.bin from Windows in MAC? Thank you in advance. Regards.