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  1. Weird loading issue

    me too
  2. Ideas for business

    Now, in order to get a crypto currency, you need to spend electricity, I propose that in order to obtain a crypto currency, you need to generate electricity using alternative energy sources, solar panels, wind farms, etc. Transmit the generated energy into the crypto currency.
  3. Sync' MonetaVerde Blockchain

    This is not the first time, the same event was in 2015, judging by the schedule, the next zeroing expects us at the end of 2018
  4. Sync' MonetaVerde Blockchain

    Yesterday synchronized Blockchain, tested the transfer from the pool to the local wallet. Someone previously wrote - pool does not out with fee by default, so the commission set it at once 0.2%. The transaction took less than 5 minutes. I confirm, the network is working! If you look at the diagram in the pool minergate, you will see that the coin was seen in April 2017, and active mining began in January 2018
  5. Sync' MonetaVerde Blockchain

    C:\Users\%user%\Application Data\monetaverde"\ blockchain.bin p2pstate.bin poolstate.bin
  6. Sync' MonetaVerde Blockchain

    What is the current file size blockchain.bin ?
  7. MonetaVerde Rocks!

    What about this post? https://twitter.com/MinerGate/status/944216261277487104 Does anyone know what decision was taken?
  8. promoting the project

    Google translate: I think it makes sense to resume the discussion about the coin development on the forum https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=653141.0 It is necessary for society to see that the development of the coin has begun, this will attract the attention of the miners and the society will increase the overall network HashRate. It is also necessary to discuss this project in chats and other forums, increasing attention and interest in the coin. Do you have a marketing plan and recommendations for users in promoting the project? Original: Я думаю есть смысл возобновить дискуссию о развитии монеты на форуме https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=653141.0 Нужно чтобы общество увидело, что началось развитие монеты, это за собой привлечет внимание майнеров и общество увеличит общий HashRate сети. Так же нужно обсуждать данный проект в чатах и других форумах, увеличивая внимание и интерес к монете. У вас есть маркетинговый план и рекомендации для пользователей в продвижении проекта?