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  1. saeua

    Minergate Drops MCN & inf8!

    I understand that you can not waste time and wait for minergate to exclude coins INF8 and MCN, you need to install local wallet and transfer there all of your coins
  2. saeua

    Minergate Drops MCN & inf8!

    I confirm, it was an email newsletter
  3. saeua

    Harrier Coin (SHC) Mining Pool

    Does this project have a live chat? Discord or Telegram?
  4. saeua

    Been Quiet This Week

    Here's the news for you
  5. saeua

    Been Quiet This Week

    Developers what's your news? Dilute the appeared silence
  6. saeua

    Been Quiet This Week

    I propose to take as a rule, once a week, not a big report on the work done and plans for the next week. This will be an indication that work is underway on the project. Users dig and are nervous when quiet from the developers. The whole day they sit and press F5 in the hope of receiving new news.
  7. saeua

    Daemon not Syncing (Seed node down)

    Thanks It works! I have a static IP address and several servers, can I be useful in the auxiliary nodes?
  8. saeua

    Daemon not Syncing (Seed node down)

    Synchronization does not work. Most of all frighten the silence from developers.
  9. saeua

    Weird loading issue

    me too
  10. saeua

    Ideas for business

    Now, in order to get a crypto currency, you need to spend electricity, I propose that in order to obtain a crypto currency, you need to generate electricity using alternative energy sources, solar panels, wind farms, etc. Transmit the generated energy into the crypto currency.
  11. saeua

    Sync' MonetaVerde Blockchain

    This is not the first time, the same event was in 2015, judging by the schedule, the next zeroing expects us at the end of 2018
  12. saeua

    Sync' MonetaVerde Blockchain

    Yesterday synchronized Blockchain, tested the transfer from the pool to the local wallet. Someone previously wrote - pool does not out with fee by default, so the commission set it at once 0.2%. The transaction took less than 5 minutes. I confirm, the network is working! If you look at the diagram in the pool minergate, you will see that the coin was seen in April 2017, and active mining began in January 2018
  13. saeua

    Sync' MonetaVerde Blockchain

    C:\Users\%user%\Application Data\monetaverde"\ blockchain.bin p2pstate.bin poolstate.bin
  14. saeua

    Sync' MonetaVerde Blockchain

    What is the current file size blockchain.bin ?
  15. saeua

    MonetaVerde Rocks!

    What about this post? https://twitter.com/MinerGate/status/944216261277487104 Does anyone know what decision was taken?