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  1. Legacy MCN Wallet

    Thanks @jakzodiac, I'll take a look at the information, its always good to look at things from another angle. So far I've run into some PERL issues but just a minor set back and I'll continue to work at it along with a few other projects. I think once an easy wallet is established, easy for beginners, you should have MinerGate update details for MCN and direct traffic to the forum in order to increase the community and awareness of the effort involved in bringing MCN back to life. I know a few miners have run into issues with MinerGate but from my experience many of the basic problems I've seen are User error or just lack of knowledge as to what mining entails. Granted not all the information is very clear in this industry as of yet so much of what we do see is merely frustration thats produced from the initial confusion of the mining process. I use at least a dozen different mining pools for all sorts different coins/algo's and from comparing them to MinerGate, they function the same with a few exceptions. MinerGate attracts the absolute complete beginners because of their GUI App that allows mobile mining, when working with others and the Mods in their chat this is obvious. This can have pro's and con's with such an inexperienced crowd and one result is the backlash from those that think it is a get rich quick scheme and mining with a tablet or phone will make them a fortune by the time they wake in the morning. All in all many pools display stats and information differently in an unregulated self-governed system and the beginners get overwhelmed. At this point simplicity is key in order to attract and keep these beginners to the MCN community in order to help push the coin into the position we all want to see it progress. I think Minergate can be used as an ally in this effort with little economical impact for you as a Developer since they have played a large role in keeping the blockchain alive and the pool is already established with 10's of thousands of miners and potential community members. Opening a direct dialog with MG after some initial preparation and road map would be a benefit and even establishing a page on bitcointalk w/road map would be advisable. Sorry, I wrote this quick off the top of my head and just trying to offer some feedback and maybe some ideas to help the community grow. Thanks Again, Soylent
  2. Legacy MCN Wallet

    Hey there everyone. I Just setup the MCN Wallet and made a transfer from MinerGate with no problems and received payment within minutes. I set the withdraw fee to .01 and all went off without incident and fast. I've never had any issues with MinerGate and I use a dozen different pools for various coins. I've been experimenting with these older wallets and currently working on creating my own QT wallets for coins that do not offer them. If knowledgeable there are a few tutorials on the net to create qt wallets but if I have any updates I'll post. Here are some screen shots of the wallet in action and the MG Transaction: