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  1. yep i tranfered all my mcn (1200+) and if you don't change the default value to 0.01 then minergate will fail
  2. farfa

    i can you test my games ?

    yep you need to give the focus at the game (one click int the window) then you can control the car with arrow keys and space bar. there is no goal in the game is just to test some idea in my head enjoy
  3. farfa

    erable lasercut

    hehe thanks, maybe yes
  4. farfa

    erable lasercut

    Fast exemple of keychain with the official logo \o/ made with laser cut on erable
  5. Someone tell me to mine the inf8 to get more mcn... totay i'm near 350 inf8 but i don't know what can i do with it
  6. farfa

    What can I do to help the cause?

    maybe you can give us the link ?
  7. farfa

    C Sharp Wallet project

    why not PeaWallet ? or mint... and for walet the 'valise' is very interesting... we have in italian : -borsetta verde -portamonete verde -scambio verde -...
  8. Version 0.1


    hello, today i started to make 2 prototype of keychain 'monetaverde'
  9. Hello everybody, a big week before, I began the registration of statistics on the performances of my mining. Know you a software which allow me to see these log in charts ? maybe in our profile we could have a graph who would show our statistics of mining? thanks.
  10. farfa

    Is your wallet heavy ?

    i got 353 mcn youpi !
  11. farfa

    i can you test my games ?

    no, i just want to show you what i do in past-time yeah the tille is maybe wrong hehe
  12. From a long time i create game for pleasure, i started with construct2 who is a good software to learn the basics of game creation. Now i use unity3D with some programming C# i uploaded some game on itch.io : https://farfadet46.itch.io/ Construct2 is for 2D games and unity is for 2D or 3D games. if you want to try i can help you (very little) Anyway, i play on Minetest too (creating some mods in LUA) https://github.com/farfadet46 PS: after reading my post before i send it ; it apear to be a message in my presentation. so idk wha i can do with it... send... not send...