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  1. I think you're Right, it'd be nice if there is a social media presence for the coin, so that people will know that it is not dead, but i don't think you should advertise yet, at least wait until the basics are covered, like the GUI Wallet and the other pools, and most importantly the coin's status on other platforms like "coinmarketcap" and "cryptocompare" to be fixed. That's just my opinion, but i don't think rushing into it will do us any good, take it slow and easy, and cover every aspect of the matter to end up with a successful cryptocurrency, not just another one. Cheers.
  2. Is your wallet heavy ?

    I guess i've got a head start..
  3. Is There Something Wrong in the Pools?

    Thanks man, I think i have a clear view of the subject now, the thing is, i mined MCN for a little over a month and i had only 2 bad shares, and suddenly 140 bad shares at once, made me think that there is something going on, anyway, thank you for that article it was really helpful.
  4. Is There Something Wrong in the Pools?

    Hello Friends, I was mining for MCN on Minergate and i got 140 bad shares in 2 seconds, is there something happening that we should know about? or is this an isolated incident?
  5. Virtual Town Halls

    I speak for my self when i say this, i understand English perfectly but i'm not an english speaker "from lack of practice i'm sure", so if i attend such meeting i will only be listening and that's not much of a help to you guys, i'm hoping one day to localize what's happening here to make a market for the coin in my region, as for now if think of something, i will gladly share it here.
  6. The MonetaVerde Hard-Fork

    I'm not much of a financier, but my understanding of the matter is that it's about demand and supply, if the supply rate is high but the demand is low, the price will drop, if the opposite happened, the price will rise, and so on, by limiting the capacity of the coins with good promoting we will aim towards a high demand rate with low supply, which will set the price right. The key here is a good marketing plan, as of today there are 1514 different coins out there, and to make this one shine we need to come up with a devious promoting strategy. I apologize if my English is weird and disorganized, i'm not a native
  7. Wanted - Cheap Steam Games

    Hi there, i'm willing to buy them for you once there is a stable wallet for MCN