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  1. What is the current price of moneta verde?

    Unless there has been any exhanges MCN has been added to, no price data has been available since 2016. I'm not quite sure where they are getting the value from (though im totally down for MCN to be worth that)
  2. Is your wallet heavy ?

    No idea, but i think his default settings are PPLNS, it was in just basic mode where all i could do is set what im working for him as so couldnt see any details, but definitely should have gotten something from Minergate So just did a test of 10:53PM CST (at a share increase) And at 11:13, minergate owes you some shares In 20 mins 3.62 INF8 ~2 MCN Left you on for about 11 hours You should have gotten: 119.5 INF8 66 MCN
  3. Is your wallet heavy ?

    NP, any questions feel free to DM. Ill leave you on for the night dual-mining INF8 and MCN
  4. Is your wallet heavy ?

    But enjoy
  5. Is your wallet heavy ?

    Id say delete your email from here just for safety reasons if you can edit
  6. Is your wallet heavy ?

    If youre mining on minergate I can lend a few hours of an RX480 and i7 6700 for you in basic mode, happy to donate while im playing on a ps4.
  7. Is your wallet heavy ?

    x2 RX480's. Just have it running on my desktop when not gaming. Kaspersky keeps killing Claymore on here so im pretty much stuck with minergate. Excited to see where @jakzodiac an co take this
  8. Is your wallet heavy ?

    Nowhere close to you guys but on my way