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  1. Japanwin

    Hello world

    Good, About my experience in SEO, it is so technical; Focused on WPO tasks for servers based on APACHE (cache specifications, GZIP compressed, deflate, etc .. etc ..) and web level, especially in WP (minified, vcard, cache, adaptive images, meta). As at the content level (schema structured data, alt compliance, different <H> headers, text density, etc ... etc ..) In general, all the recommendations imposed by google for maximum performance at the level of indexing, pagespeed, and without forgetting user experience. I also have experience in SEM campaigns based on adwords, mainly having worked campaigns for virtual stores. a greeting.
  2. Japanwin


    I am also a web developer and Spanish-speaking SEO any help you need, here you have an extra hand PHP / POO , MYSQL, NODEJS, JS, JSON, XML, HTML, CSS, and expert WP. I also have experience with Facebook and Twitter api. and programming Bot for Telegram.
  3. Japanwin

    Hello world

    Hi. My real name is Enrique, and I'm from Spain. With good understanding of English read, but bad enough writing, so google translate is my friend (forgive me for this) I've been in the crypto currency world for some time now and seeing this resurgence of MonetaVerde is good news that makes my day. So from now I thank you for the interest and effort you are putting in this project @jakzodiac My profession is programmer web / SEO and I would like to put my skills at your disposal. If you need any help with the development of the web or with the creation of contents for the Spanish-speaking community, you can count on me. I have arrived to stay and will closely monitor your progress. Nice to meet you A greeting.