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  1. 2+2=4

    Harrier Coin (SHC) Mining Pool

    Is this coin a project or does it have an actual future? If it has any future I would like to know the details
  2. 2+2=4

    Max Coin Cap Proposal - Is enough. 95% of the people in crypto are there to make money.
  3. 2+2=4


    It got created somewhere in 2014. Currently you can only trade it on coinexchange ( seems you can also trade it on coinbridge but Ive never used that one). After they launch their new Sapphire wallet they will probably go after some other exchanges.
  4. 2+2=4


    Pretty interesting coin which is a hidden gem in my eyes. While im writing this the price for one coin is around 0.0023. The Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/ecc/ The official website: https://ecc.network/
  5. 2+2=4

    What is the current price of moneta verde?

  6. 2+2=4

    What is the current price of moneta verde?

    I will do the opposite.
  7. 2+2=4

    What is the current price of moneta verde?

    Price also depends on supply
  8. 2+2=4

    Buyers Market

    Yes there is, you should check their website out: https://ripple.com/solutions/ As you can see their network is already adopted by various businesses around the world such as moneygram, american express etc. Besides that SBI announced 'something' aswell: https://globalcoinreport.com/heres-ripple-xrp-sbi-deal/ . In my opinion its just a matter of time before it's going to its new ATH. ( En ik begrijp je volkomen want wij leven in hetzelfde land )
  9. 2+2=4

    Buyers Market

    BTC is indeed important. When BTC drops almost every coin drops aswell. I also had some Verge in the past but sold that with profit to buy more xrp Right now im just mining more MCN and who knows what that will be worth in 5 years. Anyway I think this bounce isn't a deadcat bounce and we will now slowly climb up to around 10k.
  10. 2+2=4

    Buyers Market

    Well bought some more xrp, will be a big one I think.
  11. 2+2=4

    Buyers Market

    Currently on the HODL modus... They said 2018 would be a spectacular year. It is indeed.
  12. 2+2=4


    Hey all, Currently im missing a section where we could discuss about alt coins such as ETH XRP ADA and so forth. Would be interesting to discuss about!
  13. 2+2=4

    Is your wallet heavy ?

    Well thats a fact for sure... But for now since you can't trade it, its not worth anything. Most likely yeah.
  14. 2+2=4

    Is your wallet heavy ?

    Have around 200 now. Question is, will it be worth something in the future