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  1. I can't speak for the original dev team, but I think the "green" aspect of it was that it was originally marketed and meant to be merge-mined.... meaning, while you're mining another coin, this coin can be mined with the same submitted hashes. Therefore, it can be mined without using any additional energy/power/processes/etc. So while it still needs energy/power to mine, it doesn't necessarily add to the existing consumption.
  2. @r0cker - I'm willing to bet it's for the reasons they gave above. Just to repeat what they said, for some reason minergate automatically makes the fee 0.001 but will also reject it at that rate. They require the fee to be 0.01, and if everything else is correct it should go smoothly once you make that change. Just make sure you have the address right and the blockchain synced in order to see the new balance... the fee is relatively small so it doesn't hurt much to try it once the first transfer with a single coin just to be safe.
  3. Harold Nootz

    Help with math

    @JayNH - Didn't think of that, definitely a possibility.
  4. Harold Nootz

    Sell Before Launch

    @JayRoyalty69 - The process for solo mining is different depending on which OS you're using. Basically put, you have to load the MCN files on your computer and download the blockchain. Once it's loaded and synced, you can use the same files to start mining via the command line. The actual steps are a little trickier than that, but that's the essence of it. There are some discussions of it in the tutorial section of the forum. Whether that's better than mining on minergate is subjective.... it's definitely far easier and faster to start mining through minergate, but depending on how much hash power you have, you may not get as much out of it from solo mining (not sharing the rewards when you complete a block). If you don't have much hash power, the difference usually isn't much if at all, and the rewards from a pool (like minergate) is much more consistent. My suggestion, if you have decent hash power and want a project and are somewhat comfortable with computers, try solo... but if you just want to start mining and growing your wallet, go for the pool.
  5. Harold Nootz

    EC2 Instances

    In that case, it's definitely a great way to mine and get some practice time with EC2 and the basics of AWS. Please post your results and feel free to reach out if you want any help with any of it. On a side note, if you happen to play with those GPU servers, I've been curious to know what they will do, but they get a little pricey very quickly.
  6. Harold Nootz

    Been Quiet This Week

    Like what JohnJohnson and Ceron said..... it just happened to be a coincidental "perfect storm" of situations that lead most of us to be forced away for the same couple of days. Nothing to worry about , I think I speak for all when I say none of us are abandoning this project. Some progress is faster, some is slower, but we're always pushing forward.
  7. Harold Nootz

    EC2 Instances

    @Justin - I've played with mining on EC2, here is a brief response. Pros: Processing power that's (practically) only limited to how much you want to spend, CPU and GPU processes to rent, and all the other cloud computing benefits (no need to touch physical devices, secure, ease of access, etc..) Cons: It's never not immediately profitable. Perhaps you can find some coin that is profitable in the moment, but I'd be very surprised if you can find one (Please message me if you do, haha). So it'd have to be for speculative mining... if you think a coin will eventually rise in cost and eventually beat your costs, then go for it, but for coins on exchanges, it'd seem to make more sense to just buy with FIAT as opposed to spending even more for cloud power. If you want to quickly grab an amount of coins that aren't on an exchange (like the current MCN situation) and don't mind the cost, then it's not a bad idea, but I'd recommend trying it for an hour (not counting setup time) and then calculating cost vs. amount and finding out what the value will have to be to break even. If you are going to do it, I'd definitely recommend a non-GUI Linux Server edition (for speed) spot instance (for cost saving), and not going for the most powerful instance to test it out.... the cost/benefit ratio will be the same on comparable instance types. If it helps, I tried it with a C4.xlarge for $0.06/hour and if I recall correctly (it was a while ago, so I may not remember correctly) I got something around 100 - 120h/s. It was cheap, I wasn't losing much money, but it wasn't powerful enough for me to want to supplement my normal mining situation at a loss. If you pay a lot for power and/or don't have much processing power at home and don't mind spending money on it, you may find it more worthwhile than I did. TL:DR It almost always makes more sense to mine with what you have available unless you don't have enough (for what you want) processing power and are willing to spend cash to get some amount of coins without buying hardware and think it'll eventually hit the break even point to be worth what you spent. If you want to do it for fun and to learn, go for it, and the potential value of the coin is just an added bonus.
  8. Harold Nootz

    Local Language Support

    @Nathen - That sounds great. Is it a native plugin for the forum software? Would the Google Translate Widget be easier or more advantageous? https://translate.google.com/manager/website/?hl=yi EDIT - I see what you wrote in the other thread, no need to respond
  9. Harold Nootz

    Weird loading issue

    Don't get me started! It's like each year all the major companies take turns at deciding who is going to make their own rules
  10. Harold Nootz

    Weird loading issue

    @johnJohnsson - haha. Just why it's happening in all those browsers, although, perhaps it's an eternal confusion of why things never work the way they should, especially on the web. I'm sure you know, "Web standards" is laughable.... but that's another story
  11. @ceron - I think you covered most of the necessary bases..... I'd only recommend a little rewording (for english and clarification) when implemented, but like most things, I think it should be a living document and should grow or adapt with time (that's more what I meant with 'start')
  12. Harold Nootz

    Weird loading issue

    I haven't noticed that, but clearly it's something.... what browsers are you guys using? Chrome here.
  13. Harold Nootz

    About Local Communties

    @jakzodiac - Would it be possible to integrate Google Translate into the forum, so such a division wouldn't be needed? and after typing that, I see @johnJohnsson beat me to the suggestion... I definitely agree with his vision
  14. @jakzodiac - Please let us know before hand (or soon after) so we can organize a little and add a little weight (not sure if it'll help, but I can't imagine that it'll hurt)