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  1. Local Language Support

    @Nathen - That sounds great. Is it a native plugin for the forum software? Would the Google Translate Widget be easier or more advantageous? https://translate.google.com/manager/website/?hl=yi EDIT - I see what you wrote in the other thread, no need to respond
  2. Weird loading issue

    Don't get me started! It's like each year all the major companies take turns at deciding who is going to make their own rules
  3. Weird loading issue

    @johnJohnsson - haha. Just why it's happening in all those browsers, although, perhaps it's an eternal confusion of why things never work the way they should, especially on the web. I'm sure you know, "Web standards" is laughable.... but that's another story
  4. @ceron - I think you covered most of the necessary bases..... I'd only recommend a little rewording (for english and clarification) when implemented, but like most things, I think it should be a living document and should grow or adapt with time (that's more what I meant with 'start')
  5. Weird loading issue

    I haven't noticed that, but clearly it's something.... what browsers are you guys using? Chrome here.
  6. About Local Communties

    @jakzodiac - Would it be possible to integrate Google Translate into the forum, so such a division wouldn't be needed? and after typing that, I see @johnJohnsson beat me to the suggestion... I definitely agree with his vision
  7. @jakzodiac - Please let us know before hand (or soon after) so we can organize a little and add a little weight (not sure if it'll help, but I can't imagine that it'll hurt)
  8. Monwta verde not syncing

    Your solo mining settings seem fine. I think it may have just been a lack of luck and too little time.... it's up to you if you want to continue trying, personally, I put more resources back into the pool mining as I also had unlucky results..... but others seem to have been more successful. I may go back to giving a good amount of hashpower to solo mining to try it again.... Normally, for more pools I'd also pick PPLNS, but on MinerGate I've found greater success with PPL. PPLNS should normally pay out more over time, but for some reason PPS seems to have been better with MCN (and INF8) on MinerGate. I can only speculate why this would be, and perhaps it was only true for the few days that I tested it out, for some reason PPL gave me more MCN than PPLNS. The same was exponentially more true for INF8 when mining it with MinerGate. If you're willing, please test both settings out for an equal set amount of time (a day or so at least, so it's decently weighted) and report back with your findings.
  9. Monwta verde not syncing

    @mikan @jakzodiac - woah, I wonder what happened there
  10. upvoted, but I think a new request might need to get made..... it was 25 days ago and the front page is full of requests just from this hour alone.
  11. Monwta verde not syncing

    Hey @Ocix33 - Did you configure the Daemon to point to any nodes? If yes, which ones? But, 4 hours is not a lot of time when solo mining. When you're pool mining you'll see little percentages of a coin given to you in frequent intervals. This is because everyone is splitting the mined coins and splitting the rewards. With solo mining, you don't get paid anything until you 'mine' a coin yourself, and then you get the entire reward for yourself (which, right now I believe is a little over 20MCN) Solo is also a bit more of a gamble and will take more time. With your hashrate competing against everyone in the world, 1 coin in 4 hours would have been pretty lucky. What do you mean by "bonus"? That word doesn't show up on my MinerGate dashboard. Also, are you using PPS or PPLNS?
  12. Fourth Moderator Appointed

    Thank you @jakzodiac! It's an honor to be a part of this project and I look forward to making it great with the excellent staff you've put together and all members of the community!
  13. Presentation

    Welcome @Ocix33 ! I just saw a post on reddit from someone with a very similar name about merge mining with MCN. It turns out that you can merge-mine MCN on MinerGate, in their app and with a barebones mining app. From my understanding, MCN can be merge-mined on MinerGate with QuazarCoin, DashCoin, and INF-8. In their app you can select more than one (as long as it's the same algo and similar enough to MCN). If you're using a standalone mining app, the URL's can be found in their FAQ, or just make a follow up post here and I'll try to point you in the right direction. Of course, if that wasn't you then I'm sorry for wasting your time. If it is, I promise I wasn't stalking, just a happy happenstance.
  14. The MonetaVerde Hard-Fork

    I don't think you were forgetting this, but just to clarify, with the cryptos, you don't have to buy an entire coin or sell an entire coin in order to get the value from it. Unlike a physical gold coin, fractions can be used for both buy and sell to your local currency.... but ultimately it would be great if vendors started to accept the coin directly.