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  1. ja4688

    Sell Before Launch

    You can always start with minergate. In the minergate dashboard on the website you can see how many blocks you have personally found while mining. If your finding blocks multiply the amount blocks found by the block reward. Then see if there is a big difference in the amount of MCN you have mined on minergate so far and the MCN you would of got solo mining from those block rewards. This is just a rough way to estimate which may be better but doesn't account for luck. For me I would probably make a fair bit more solo mining as I've found a ton of blocks but minergate is more convenient and also consistent with payouts. Plus the added bonus of merged mining is nice. I just have a really old laptop doing 25h/s, 3 old smartphones with a combined ~55h/s and my main PC will put one thread towards it about half of the time at about 60h/s. My gpu mines other stuff not through minergate. Merged mining with INF8 I have built up about 450MCN and 650INF8 in a few weeks.
  2. ja4688

    Max Coin Cap Proposal

    I think the Max coin cap should be between 1 billion and 8 billion. Any more then that and it will never gain value and the market will be over saturated.
  3. ja4688

    Hello world

    Best of luck to you! I'll be rooting for you!
  4. ja4688

    The new MonetaVerde logo

    I like it!
  5. ja4688

    Is MonetaVerde Dead?

    me too glad that someone is giving this attention