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  1. Shendo

    Minergate Drops MCN & inf8!

    I second this!
  2. Shendo

    Multi-GPU Mining

    Thanks! I'll be sure to try this when I get the free time!
  3. Shendo

    Multi-GPU Mining

    Wicher, are you suggesting that I remove GPU #1 when I install everything for GPU #2?
  4. Shendo

    Multi-GPU Mining

    Hey guys, I've got a few questions and was hoping someone here had some experience and could help me out. So at the tail end of last year I updated my mining rig and went from an AMD FX8350 to an AMD Ryzen 7 1700X and an AMD R9-290x to an nVidia GTX 1070Ti. I reused my hard drives, power supply, and externals: monitors, mouse, keyboard, etc. Anyways as of this moment I'm not really interested in buying those reused parts to set up a second rig to dedicate to mining. Instead what I would like to do is install my AMD GPU into my new PC set-up and use that to mine pretty much 24/7 while still having my nVidia GPU for gaming, watching movies, etc. Does anyone have experience using an AMD and an nVidia GPU in the same rig? Or any experience with using more than 1 GPU to mine at the same time(as occasionally, like over night or while I'm at work I'd like to add the nVidia GPU to my mining efforts)? As far as I've looked up and tried I can't seem to get the nVidia and AMD GPU to wanna be usable at the same time, even for totally different tasks (like 2 separate games at once). The drivers always seem to wanna conflict with each other.
  5. @MMLLC I feel this would not work because the "big guys" could easily set up multiple miners on the same network and set up different IP/MAC addresses. Assuming it's profitable enough for them.
  6. Hey MMLLC, IDK about you, but I felt like the first few "answers" to your questions were just kinda rude. Sorry that happened, I want to assure you that most of the active members of the MonetaVerde community don't act as such. That being said: As of this moment I am unaware of any specific reasons MonteVerde is more green. I do recall reading on of JJ's posts once about how the team is working to ensure the coding uses the least number of actions possible to safely achieve blockchains completion, therefor lowering the overall power usage of MonetaVerde. I've also seen a few threads about a desire to use only solar power to farm MV, though I don't see how it's possible to regulate that. I've also seen threads about trying to pair with companies that are in the green energy system, so that you can pay for services/products that are green. For example, it would be cool if say Local energy Company GreenX, who produces energy using only solar/wind/geothermal, would accept MonetaVerde as Payment for energy from them. Or if That sort of company would pay me in MonetaVerde if I sold them excess energy supplied by my solar panels. So I think that when you look at MonetaVerde as a Green Crypto, it doesn't mean that MV is green, but rather that MV would be the Crypto of choice among green companies, etc. I hope that was clear enough, I know I can ramble on sometimes. If you have any other questions I'd be glad to try to answer. Do note that I'm not an admin or coder or anything for MV, just a fan who doesn't want to see someone interested in the coin turned away by bad responses.
  7. Shendo

    Another MCN coin

    Ohhh, this is interesting. I'm fairly certain one of us will need to change our abbreviation. Considering They're the newer one, my money is on them having to change.
  8. Shendo

    What can we do with inf8

    Hey farfa, hopefully this will answer your question. Short answer: Nothing right now, but in the future hopefully it'll be usable again. Long answer: Right now the dev team for MCN is busy with all the huge changes coming to MCN, but once they've revived MCN properly they have the intent of doing something similiar with INF8. Since on Minergate you can Merge-Mine INF8 with MCN it's beneficial for you to mine both since you don't lose out on any MCN.
  9. Hey Staymos. I don't have any definitive answer for you; however, I will say that the admin team probably aren't going to really push for MCN to be on a market until we have the GUI wallet system up and running so that it's user friendly and takes minimal knowledge to use.
  10. Shendo

    Weird loading issue

    I highly doubt it's the browser's fault, as this is an issue localized to this website only. Every other forum page I use loads properly, and I scour a lot of forum pages.
  11. Shendo

    Weird loading issue

    So now that the forum has been getting populated with people and talk we've started to get threads that go onto 2nd and 3rd pages. I've been having a weird issue where if I select to go to a second or third page of a topic it'll redirect me to that page but no comments will actually load up, not until I press F5(reload the page). Anyone else experiencing this or is it just localized to me?
  12. Shendo

    me and... me

    Welcome aboard Farfa! as far as this goes you might be able to help once we have all the technical side of things down. Perhaps you could sell MonetaVerde trinkets and accessories in order to spread the word that MonetaVerde is back full force once the time comes! You'll be able to pocket some extra Verde and spread the word!
  13. Shendo

    Is your wallet heavy ?

    Yeah, I've been merge mining the two for a few weeks now and it looks pretty solid that you'll get about 1 MCN for every 2 INF8.
  14. Shendo

    C Sharp Wallet project

    Wow, I can't believe my GreenWallet idea has made it thus far. I think any of these ideas are very good! I do like the idea of the Valise Suite with some trickle down components. It all feels very MonetaVerde.
  15. Shendo

    C Sharp Wallet project

    What about like GreenWallet, or WalletVerde? idk, something like that might be appealing.