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  1. Another MCN coin

    Ohhh, this is interesting. I'm fairly certain one of us will need to change our abbreviation. Considering They're the newer one, my money is on them having to change.
  2. What can we do with inf8

    Hey farfa, hopefully this will answer your question. Short answer: Nothing right now, but in the future hopefully it'll be usable again. Long answer: Right now the dev team for MCN is busy with all the huge changes coming to MCN, but once they've revived MCN properly they have the intent of doing something similiar with INF8. Since on Minergate you can Merge-Mine INF8 with MCN it's beneficial for you to mine both since you don't lose out on any MCN.
  3. Hey Staymos. I don't have any definitive answer for you; however, I will say that the admin team probably aren't going to really push for MCN to be on a market until we have the GUI wallet system up and running so that it's user friendly and takes minimal knowledge to use.
  4. Weird loading issue

    I highly doubt it's the browser's fault, as this is an issue localized to this website only. Every other forum page I use loads properly, and I scour a lot of forum pages.
  5. Weird loading issue

    So now that the forum has been getting populated with people and talk we've started to get threads that go onto 2nd and 3rd pages. I've been having a weird issue where if I select to go to a second or third page of a topic it'll redirect me to that page but no comments will actually load up, not until I press F5(reload the page). Anyone else experiencing this or is it just localized to me?
  6. me and... me

    Welcome aboard Farfa! as far as this goes you might be able to help once we have all the technical side of things down. Perhaps you could sell MonetaVerde trinkets and accessories in order to spread the word that MonetaVerde is back full force once the time comes! You'll be able to pocket some extra Verde and spread the word!
  7. Is your wallet heavy ?

    Yeah, I've been merge mining the two for a few weeks now and it looks pretty solid that you'll get about 1 MCN for every 2 INF8.
  8. C Sharp Wallet project

    Wow, I can't believe my GreenWallet idea has made it thus far. I think any of these ideas are very good! I do like the idea of the Valise Suite with some trickle down components. It all feels very MonetaVerde.
  9. C Sharp Wallet project

    What about like GreenWallet, or WalletVerde? idk, something like that might be appealing.
  10. Virtual Town Halls

    If we choose twitch, I have a lot of experience with the platform, I've been streaming on twitch for mote than 5 years.
  11. Virtual Town Halls

    @jakzodiac Perhaps you developers could be in a skype call, and you could broadcast on a website like "twitch.tv". This would allow us to tune in when we're available(if say we can't be there right at the start), we can send questions via twitch's chat function, and the video can be uploaded to this website afterwards.
  12. Wanted - Cheap Steam Games

    I'd also be interested in exchanging my MCN for steam games/content but I would also prefer to wait for a more user friendly wallet since I've yet to delve into the blockchain sync.
  13. Web wallets

    Keep up the great work GrumpyBun! Thanks for dedicating so much of your time to this project!
  14. Is your wallet heavy ?

    I'm sitting on about 1500 right now, I mine on minergate at like 1400 H/s
  15. Hello all

    I like to read, since I can read at a much higher rate than an audio book can dictate.