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  1. luke

    hi guys and girls

    thanks Jakzodiac for the explination this has cleared a lot up and makes more sense than the other stuff i have found. thanks to everyone else for the info aswell.
  2. luke

    hi guys and girls

    thanks harold for answering my questions. with this info i have a better understanding of what im achiving when mining for the currency that i am mining. the project is sounding great and hope to see the working unit when its up and running. the proposal for the buying from the website was more of just having a tab with the exchanges that deal with the currency that you are trying to supply (sorry if this came a cross as you can get direct) . This way people click the tab and then bam the exchange lnink is right there (or links). i remember the fist time i went to exchange coin i litterally went to about 8 tabs to find myself back at the home page of the currency i wanted to exchange and i lost my sh*t and just started google smashing exchanges to find said currency. wasted an hour doing so which is why i bought it up as with miner gate software people do want to have to stuff around for hours to setup and start up, also if it become to difficult most people give up and move on (im told my patients threshold is quite high) thanks again and best of luck for the project and hope to see this all up and running soon
  3. luke

    hi guys and girls

    hows it all going, im luke i have just started mining (roughly 3 weeks) and am limited by my gpus athe moment. i found a good one for cheap just got to make it work with the software (yay fun for me) i am a gamer (ps4/PC) and more of an google info finder than a software or hardware kind of guy. the questions i have are sort of explained but not definitly answer about mining so i thought id throw some at you and give you a bit of info that i have been finding my self. Q1 how does mining actually help? (i found a lot of junk about transaction health and blahdy blah but it doesnt tell me a definitive answer) thats my main question the other are linked to that in the way of does it provide stability or rasie the price or what not. ive basicly read your whole forum and thought id just add a few ideas to help out (its about all i can do) from what i have gathered people who are tech and software savvy dont like minergate (thats fine) but those who arent are jumping on and having a go. the reason i bring this up is that if your making you own mining system i would sujest making it as easy to use as possible as well as have easy to follow instructions to set it up. that is why minergate is popular (and that is all). website the same as above ive been to many websites for coin and you get shipped of to 20 different sites that lead back to the same place and people get frustrated and go elsewhere. have tab were to buy/exhange, tab for wallet and an overveiw of what it stands for and how you plan to achive it. not buy this coin with that coin go here if you want more info go there this page has cake on it (you get my drift). sorry for the rant hopefully i can help in other ways