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  1. Non Minergate Mining

    Sounds like a plan to me. Didn't mean to sound pushy. I'm just eager to pitch in if I can, and mine.
  2. Non Minergate Mining

    Any word on a pool besides Minergate? Possibly a GPU miner? I've mined about 2750 in the last 11 days on Minergate, but I would like to break away from them.
  3. Max Coin Cap Proposal

    I'll be happy when the wallet and a proper miner is up and running. Seems like I should get more than what I'm getting now from Minergate.
  4. Max Coin Cap Proposal

    How many are left to be mined?
  5. Non Minergate Mining

    I hope we get a miner up soon. I can't stand Minergate.
  6. Sync' MonetaVerde Blockchain

    I'm getting this in red font.....Failed to connect to any seed of peers, continuing without seeds. Is this normal?