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  1. Nathen

    Local Language Support

    Hello, The translation native to the system itself. I will definitely look at the Google widget once it actually works for me thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Nathen

    Local Language Support

    Thank you for bringing that up - that is a very good question. With how this language support will work, is that at the bottom of the site, there is a Language option. From there, you can set to whatever language it is you want to see everything in. It will automatically translate supported languages (currently supports English, French, and German) into the desired language, which you can always switch your preferences around. An example (with what is supported at the moment): English is my native language so I have my default language set to English. A German speaker has their default language set to German. If I post something in English, they will see it in German, and visa versa. Let's say I didn't think it was translating 100% correctly, and I am familiar with the language; I can scroll to the bottom and set my language to German, then see the post in it's true format. Currently, it's going to be a hit-and-miss, as the language support is mostly configured for more common words, and designed to translate the forum parameters itself (forum navigation bars, etc.), and not necessarily the content someone posts. This will probably be a drawn out project, and we can customize the translation better if we have volunteers that are bilingual willing to translate things that aren't 100%
  3. Nathen

    Local Language Support

    Hi everyone, We will soon be importing language support, which will display everything in your native language, as well as converting your native language posts into the end users native language. We will be starting off with some common languages (French, German, Russian, Spain Spanish). If you would like to make suggestions on specific languages to setup, please do so below.
  4. Nathen

    About Local Communties

    We can certainly import language packs that would automatically translate more common languages (French, German, Spanish, etc), based on the user's language preferences that they would set in their account settings if I remember right. I would have to review some of the options here in a bit, as I am at work and on mobile, but it should translate better than Google Translate (which doesn't really take into effect tones, slang, common phrases, etc., it's more directed at the exact and direct translation)
  5. Nathen

    hi guys and girls

    Hi there, and welcome! I'm not an expert in the technical things behind the coin itself, but I do have some goals regarding the ease-of-use for those like us. 1: There is a possibility that we can make an exchange right here on this forum software, as well as a marketplace; which I am aiming for. 2: Web based mining pitted through this website itself. The idea is to have a "click and go" setup (like MinerGate) embedded into either this forum landing, or the main website.
  6. Nathen

    Is your wallet heavy ?

    I have 114, which I think is pretty remarkable since I mine with my work/school PC when it's not preoccupied with what I bought it for
  7. Nathen

    Help with math

    2+2=Fish obviously
  8. Nathen

    Hello all

    Welcome! We've still got a ways to go, but keep an eye out as things move, and don't hesitate to contact any of us!!
  9. Nathen

    Meet and Greet

    Hi everyone, I thought it would be fun and educational to get to know a little about each other outside of the cryptocurrency world to help get communication flowing. Such as, what type of work do you do as a day job? What kind of hobbies do you have? (besides mining ). I'll start out: I work in corporate for a property management company as a day job, and continue education at night. In my free time, I typically like to learn things that I find interesting (sporadically ranging from pancake recipes to astrophysics), or I binge watch Netflix.
  10. Nathen

    My Contribution

    Thank you, I'm glad to be here. I know we can develop a "virtual currency" through the Store application currently in place on this software (I'm just unsure how we could link it to the actual currency, but we could try to figure it out). With that, we can setup real or virtual items for purchase with any real currency, or the "virtual currency (MCN)". We would also be able to trade items or currency back and forth with other existing users on the site. We also have the ability to create a custom html widget on the forum front end, so we could have a web based miner embedded into the forum itself. I myself am not much of a coder yet, but if someone were to write html, we could definitely embed it on here in the forum, or the WP main site in possibly a "Mine" tab
  11. Nathen

    My Contribution

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the whole cryptocurrency world, and I am not quite up to par with all the technical information as of yet. I would like to throw out my areas of work and hobbies that may tie in to the front end website and other areas if interest, and maybe see where I can help out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. On a professional level, I run my company's sales website through a third party vendor (WelcomeLink), which also host other tasks the company utilizes, such as mailing of documents and customer support for the sales site. They currently provide support on a third party website, but we are currently integrating their system into our internal website, so this may be of interest for an exchange platform and physical documentation mailing. They have programmers and developers that can build software, etc. (I'm not sure of their limitations, but they custom built the sales platform we use, which is still in progress). I also work with an attorney to prepare legal documentation for residential real estate work, such as: construction, landscaping, etc., so I have some legal experience. On a personal hobby level, I was the webmaster of a gaming community forum of 30k+ users that use the same forum software as this one (Invision Power Board), in which I had a small team of approximately 10 members (3 back end administrators, and 7 content moderators). I am also currently under a scholarship program with Google to become an Android Developer (still have a long ways to go), so I may be able to offer services in relation to making an Android application down the road. On a personal/work related education, I am currently working on professional certification for Inbound Marketing (Working on certifications in: Inbound, Marketing Software, Sales Software, Design, Contextual Marketing, Inbound Sales, Growth-Driven Design, Growth-Driven Design Agency, Email Marketing, Content Marketing. I am currently finished and certified with Sales Enablement, with the preceeding to follow later on).