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  1. aux6d

    A Warrior is back

    More than 10 GPUs ! Sure It's good for us to see new miner mining MCN !
  2. aux6d

    A Warrior is back

    Hi all, Look at this on Minergate !!! A warrior is back
  3. aux6d

    Help with math

    Ask Chuck Norris to go away ! It's a bug
  4. Hello Team ! It'il be nice to know how many MCN you have I have 1k MCN on my wallet ! I'm mining since 1 week Keep mining every body, MCN is like the phoenix !!! See you !
  5. aux6d

    GUI Wallet Wrapper

    Hi John, Very nice job ! Sure it's better to use a GUI wallet rather than a command line wallet for non IT members ! I think it's a good idea to add a login just after openned the wallet. Security is necessary ! Is it possible to add a field "transaction" ? Keep in shape
  6. aux6d

    Meet and Greet

    Hi all, I come from France. I'm 28. I'm an hardware IT Manager on Windows and Linux (hardware and network) such like JMcHaffie I'm a veteran (yes i was a soldier) and love crypto technology ! Xoxo
  7. aux6d

    Non Minergate Mining

    Hi, I'm mining throught the minerc on W10. Here an exemple with i5 2500k. I don't use MinerGate services
  8. aux6d

    Minergate wallet

    Hi, We hope than we can see MCN on the marketplace in the futur. The team is doing the best for that ! At this moment we can't say "yes". Keep in mind than the team is doing the best to see again MCN one day. Just wait, mine and see ! Regards.
  9. aux6d

    Legacy MCN Wallet

    Hello all ! 1 day to fully load the blockchain. (5,5GB) on W10. Let's go to withdraw my MCNs from MinerGate to my personnal wallet