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  1. C Sharp Wallet project

    ok ok, thanks for the information @GrumpyBum
  2. ECC

    @Saeid aZm maybe yes, maybe not
  3. C Sharp Wallet project

    @Alx282 hahaha I understand you, I do not know much about the command-line either. First they are working on the wallet based on the command-line. and then when it's finished they'll start with the online wallet. @johnJohnsson correct me if I'm wrong please!!
  4. ECC

    It seems like a good project, but what I liked most was the video! How long was that cryptocurrency launched on the market? @2+2=4
  5. MCN Earnings

    that's a good idea @Alx282
  6. About Local Communties

    hi @johnJohnsson I understand you, dont worry. "I must say I can moderate Dutch / German / English posts but I will not be able to get the semantics and tone of a Spanish message (I do know how to say I do not understand though: P) or any other language and I don Do not know if any other moderator knows any other languages? " Well, I would say that would be ideal. because if I do not know how to speak Chinese, how could I act as a moderator in a Chinese community? I think that We @Harold Nootz @johnJohnsson @GrumpyBum @jakzodiac @Nathen as moderators or administrators of this community have the responsibility to assimilate and improve the good things that other communities have done, and in the same way we have to avoid committing the mistakes that other communities committed. having said that, let's see: this image is from the bitcoin talk forum, in this we can see that for each language they created a subforum with different moderators for each subforum: Now the question is: why did they divide the forum into subcommunities if they could use some software that would do the automatic translation of the page to the native language of certain users? what happens is that the translation programs only serve to translate short conversations and everyday conversations. to that we have to add, that in the only language in which the translation programs translate in a decent way is to English. Decent means: a quality of translation of 60% or 70%. Remember that when we speak of translating, we are not talking about simply placing the literal meaning of the words translated into another language. and the less common is the language, the result of the translation will be worse. and if we take into account that the topics of conversation in this forum are complex topics, that use terms or words that are not everyday, using a translation program for what it would serve is to give a very vague idea to the user of what is speaking in the forum. I know this, because I work as a translation assistant at the Dutch / German consulate and every day I have to translate documents into German and Dutch and I can tell you that the google translator is not very good. but if it is finally decided to use the translation program, I would recommend that you use the BABYLON or PROMT program especially PROMT, because this program has dictionaries of words for each specialty, the inconvenien is that to be able to use these dictionaries you have to buy them.
  7. Hi @Harold Nootz, Thanks!! I did not know whether to put more or less rules. If you think I should add something, do not hesitate to tell me!
  8. hi @johnJohnsson and @jakzodiac here is the draft!! As a community, our objective is promote the exchange of ideas and opinions based on the principles of: Responsibility, Inclusion, Collaboration and Respect. In view of this, the users who wish to publish their opinions they must comply with the rules of the community, so if you are interested in being part of this forum, the only thing that we ask to you is comply with the following rules when you want participate : 1. Not trolling. 2. Not duplicate posting in multiple boards. 3. Not post linking phishing or any malware. 4. Not post any referral code (ref link) or spam 5. Not post any link shorteners that requires users to view an ad. 6. Inappropriate image/video content will not be tolerated in the Forum. 7. Verbal or written abuse of any kind will not be tolerated towards any member of this community.. 8. Racism or any other forms of serious attack based upon a persons ethnic or religious background will not be tolerated.
  9. About Local Communties

    Hi @jakzodiac and @johnJohnsson well, john has a good point, maybe create a subdivision in the forum based on the language spoken by users is not a very good idea, but it is not a good idea because the community does not have much time to be created. What we could do is wait for the community to have 150 members or 200 and at that moment do a survey in which we ask what languages they speak, and if the result of the survey shows that 20% or 25% speak Spanish, then in that moment we created the subforum. take into account that the forum has had a steady growth in the number of users, and practiced we have not done any advertising or ads on other social networks. So, if without advertising we have good growth, imagine the growth rate we would have if we used good advertising. In conclusion, what I think we should do is: let me finish translating texts that contain important information about MCN and then save them. This in order that when the time comes to create the subforum all the hard work is already finished. The creation of this sub-forum or sub-community is a matter of time, because it is a direct result of the success that this project will have! so we have to be ready for when this happens ...
  10. Is your wallet heavy ?

    yes, we are pioneers! @tinocurione
  11. Hello world!

    Hi @EnigmaticRaider welcome!! Well, it is a bit difficult to give exact predictions about the future of any project, but in this case you can be sure that we will do everything possible to make this project successful !!, and you can also help, just take a walk by the forum and tell us what you think and how we can improve or do better!
  12. i can you test my games ?

    Hi @Farfa I do not understand what you mean. Do you want us to help you? or do you want to help us? Excuse me, but I did not understand you.
  13. Is your wallet heavy ?

    @jakzodiac @Alx282 it's a logical deduction, when everyone sees the success of this project, more people will try to revive dead coins
  14. The MonetaVerde Hard-Fork

    @tinocurione yes, if we started thinking about changing the name of the coin, it would be better to create a new one from scratch, but what we do here, and I think this is the most exciting thing of all, is that this is the first time bring to life a Cryptocoin that was practically dead. (and it will be achieved) @johnJohnsson