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  1. CERON

    Soft Fork

    yeah!! What coin is SHC??? jaja @GrumpyBum
  2. CERON

    New Moneta Verde Mining Pool

    @Alx282 great for you!!!
  3. CERON

    Community rules

    Hi to all! As a community, our objective is to promote the exchange of ideas and opinions based on the principles of: Responsibility, Inclusion, Collaboration and Respect. In compliance with these fundamentals, users who wish to publish their opinion must comply with the rules of the community, so if you are interested in being part of this community, please beware of the following guidelines: 1. No trolling. 2. Do not duplicate postings in multiple boards. 3. Do not post linking phishing or any malware. 4. Do not post any referral code (ref link) or spam 5. Do not post any link shorteners that requires users to view an ad. 6. Inappropriate image/video content will not be tolerated in the Forum. 7. Verbal or written abuse of any kind will not be tolerated towards any member of this community. 8. Racism or any other forms of serious attack based upon a persons ethnic or religious background will not be tolerated. 9. Treat others how you want to be treated. Failing to comply with these guidelines will result in moderation / permanent banning from the forum to protect all other members.
  4. CERON

    C Sharp Wallet project

    Nice Flowchart!!
  5. CERON

    i can you test my games ?

    Im going to download it!!
  6. CERON

    Setting Up a Mining Pool

  7. CERON

    Here to learn English but I'm stuck in MCN^^

    hi! @Sang hoon you are welcome!! I think you're the first member that comes from South Korea! It's great that you have found us and that what we are doing here intersects you, I would advise you to check all the topics and threads of the forum so that you have a knowledge of what we do now, our current progress and our plans for the future!!
  8. CERON

    Any Progress?

    Ok, it's fine! are you brothers or something? @cmkat @Chriss
  9. CERON

    Setting Up a Mining Pool

    hahaha, sorry, I did not know! @Ahmad.AlFaqeeh
  10. CERON

    Setting Up a Mining Pool

    ok, I had thought that maybe we could upload the complete MCN blockchain (5gb) to MEGA or maybe to utorrent I think it's a good idea because downloading the files would be much faster! I say this because my internet connection is very slow and the only page from where I can download heavy files is from mega. and I know that if this could happen to me it could also happen to other people... What do you think about this? @Ahmad.AlFaqeeh
  11. CERON

    C Sharp Wallet project

    terrific! @johnJohnsson
  12. CERON

    Setting Up a Mining Pool

    @Ahmad.AlFaqeeh Do you have already your wallet synchronized?
  13. CERON

    Sell Before Launch

    @JayRoyalty69 Yes, remember that this (bringing to life a dead currency) has never happened, so performing an ICO is not viable for us. I would suggest mining, because the difficulty is still low
  14. CERON

    Been Quiet This Week

    hi!! @Holyfenix I have not been very active lately because in my university the last two weeks I did many evaluations and tests. but now I have returned... Regarding the development status, I understand that there have been no updates in Github because what we want is to have a stable code and then upload it to github. in the thread "C Sharp Wallet project" in this thread you will find more informationin this thread you will find more information
  15. CERON

    Any Progress?

    @Chriss Do you have any links? Where can I see what you say?