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  1. Official site http://worktips.info/ My new mining pool: http://worktipspool.xyz/ Help me to mine some blocks, and to try the pool :)
  2. mikan

    Harrier Coin (SHC) Mining Pool

    I started this pool for solo mining (just for learning purposes), but now i decided to make it public.. we now have 2 active mining pools. http://shc-mikan.co
  3. mikan

    Daemon not Syncing (Seed node down)

    i deleted blockchain files and restarted daemons.. now is working
  4. mikan

    Daemon not Syncing (Seed node down)

    I just installed the Ubuntu, and I'm trying to synchronize the SHC and MCN blockchains. Getting error: "Failed to connect to any of seed peers, continuing without seeds"... SHC synhronize occasionally, MCN dont ever.. But on Win10 both working excellent...
  5. mikan

    Daemon not Syncing (Seed node down)

    what is the path of monetaverde blockchain for ubuntu?
  6. mikan

    Am I really solo mining?

    Yaaayy!! I started my first cryptonight ultranote pool for SHC solo mining
  7. mikan

    Design Phase

    Why reward is so low for finding block?
  8. mikan

    New Moneta Verde Mining Pool

    I'm on a new pool, but I'm not mining for 24 hours a day. I use this computer and for some other things.
  9. mikan

    New Moneta Verde Mining Pool

    i have joined new pool, and i agree with bcn for merged mining..
  10. mikan

    Moneta Verde Mining Pool

    I am joined the pool
  11. mikan

    Weird loading issue

    me too
  12. mikan

    C Sharp Wallet project

    I am not from the English speaking field, but I like both of the names you are proposing. Whatever you choose, you will not make a mistake. But for me personally, the greenwallet makes more sense. The first time I met the word Valise :D
  13. mikan

    Monwta verde not syncing

    https://rs.minergate.com/blockchain/mcn/blocks/1904799 you see the hole in time between 1904795 and 1904794?
  14. mikan

    Sync' MonetaVerde Blockchain

    Thanks @Ocix33, i downloaded .bin file really fast on the machine with only 4GB memory and working well I apologize for the poor knowledge of English. my native language is Serbian.
  15. mikan

    Sync' MonetaVerde Blockchain

    can you give me the link to try to download?