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  1. neokone

    Non Coding Work

    hi everybody im new here..first sorry for my english:)) i just mined some monetaverde on minergate for fun and then started to read about.. Im very interested but i guess not a big help :)) i learned photographer, im into grafic things and everything creative and im a tattooer with own shop. but anyway here a small idea to make some small money.. maybe we can sell t shirts via a print on demand service to generate some donations..maybe with the new logo on it for example or just an nice quote about something green.. so we have allmost no costs and from time to time some donations.. for example with printful.com its very easy to make and a shirt costs arround 14 and up with shipping an we can sell it for example for 25.. and you can put an interface on the official homepage but also sell it on amazon or etsy or whatever and try to make the Shirts/ Logo "viral".. and the donations can be used for something green, to compensate co2 , or to cool down the planet or help for afrika or something with solar or wind or "just" for the project himself...because i have read here in the forum that somebody wanted to use the fee for this to make the coin mor green looking, but it wasnt everybodys plan to use the fees like this so with the shirts you make most probably not the same money like with the fees but its a good promotion wich shows to the people that the "company" is green, and the buyers feel good because they helped saving the planet and at least its some money ;)) ..and another topic :)) i heard that all the bitcoin (or all the coins im not sure) are having now the same power consumption as the whole country of denmark and in 2020 all the miners together will need the same power as today the whole planet together.. maybe the numbers are not exactly correct but i think its definitly moving in this direction. So , if monetaverde really uses much less power then the other cryptos, in mining and in transactions, and it can feature something "same" good as the other coins , it will be the best coin on this planet :)) nobody likes high power consumption, the half of the people not because it costs too much and the other half because it destroys the planet..so everybody would be happy about a perfect working energy saving coin .. Keep UP an soory for the horrible text chaos :))
  2. neokone

    The new MonetaVerde logo

    looks fresh young and dynamic :))) really nice