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  1. Altcoin555

    Hello David

    Done. Making this as a record that I have handed off (pay-it-forward) all the information I have to David. Good luck to you all!
  2. Altcoin555

    Hello David

    Great. I will gather together the information I have and send it to you through private message. I would suggest sending out a Twitter message ASAP to the 319 followers (current amount) to this website and the sub-reddit. This will not only provide a ton of new interests but also developer/marketing help from others. Further, or maybe when the wallet is ready, create a new bitcointalk announcement thread. Take note of the hashrate before you do send out some messages, you might be surprised. Please note, I am NOT the original developer, I was never on any team, just a single developer interested in an interesting coin that tried picking up the slack near the end.
  3. Altcoin555


    I can offer some limited assistance. Developed with PHP for 15+ years, and .NET for 3+ years now. I have little experience with WP but at this point with all my experience I'm sure I can figure out whatever is needed. I can only offer limited (non-dedicated help) because I work 10+ hours every workday, so more like the weekends if there's any pressing issues.
  4. Altcoin555

    The new MonetaVerde logo

    Just be careful with what exchanges and coinmarketcap will use for the icon. Something that's recognizable when its scaled down to the size they display them in those places should be taken into consideration. It does look neat however.
  5. Altcoin555

    Hello David

    Hello, I worked on a GUI for cryptonote wallets back in 2014, but couldn't finish it and then my laptop was stolen and I lost all of the code (and plenty of crypto in the process). My focus was on making a Windows/Mac GUI for MonetaVerde using a PHP layer (self-contained). Soon after that I was very sick, and then I lost interest in trading/developing because of my major loss. Back then, I was in personal communication with CryptoMidnight (original developer), when they decided to leave the scene to continue their studies they handed-off account access to me. The only thing I know that works right now is the Twitter login. David, if you'd like access to the account information I have, it's all yours. The only thing I ask is that you make a good attempt to get the codebase updated with active seeds and send that information to Poloniex. The exchange has closed the trading, but I still see whatever coins I have left on their exchange with a status of "temporarily disabled", so I think if they can at least update the code and sync it up for me to withdrawal. This would also mean having a Windows wallet available. I wouldn't advise going down the path of a PHP wallet such as I have tried, maybe take a look at what other cryptonote coins are doing nowadays, you may just be able to merge in those changes to get things moving. Let me know if you're interested in getting the information handed to me from CryptoMidnight (does this forum allow direct messaging, or I can just provide my e-mail address). I do hope you get this coin starting again, not just because I have some locked up coins in polo, but because it is truly a unique coin with the way the block reward adjusts to the difficulty. Extra plus, merged mining, which make it "green"! Good luck!