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  1. broczord

    Any Progress?

    So what's the current progress on mining etc? I was told that there would be a potential mining pool within a week or so and it's been a couple months. Also, what's the status on a wallet?
  2. broczord

    How do you all like the forum

    I could care less about bells and whistles. If it is efficient, that's all that matters to me. As far as advertising, as long as you aren't doing a bunch of annoying popup ads, not that big of a deal. This isn't charity work after all. You're trying to revive a dead currency.
  3. broczord

    Not the best week

    Considering that the coin has effectively been dead for years, waiting a couple days for you to get well isn't that big a deal. As they said, this project will still be here. Not worth messing up your health.
  4. broczord

    Non Minergate Mining

    How's this coming along?
  5. broczord

    Non Minergate Mining

    Sounds good. I hate minergate.
  6. broczord

    Non Minergate Mining

    So will minergate continue to be the only mining pool available for Moneta Verde or will there be new non-Minergate pools. Is it possible to solo mine this coin?