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  1. C Sharp Wallet project

    Good Morning @staymos, I cannot me certain on time frames but progress has been made daily at this stage. @johnJohnsson has done some great work on a new wallet and I have built a miner that I hope to release soon, once I resolve proxy issues to the daemon from the miner I will upload this to GitHub, we are all working on some aspects of this together at the moment. I am making good progress with the AMD / Radeon SDK, but very little with CUDA SDK as my GTX1060 connected to development computer keeps crashing with a lot of the code. Due to this and a priority of getting this onto GitHub the initial release will be CPU and AMD GPU only, CUDA support will come later. My development computer is connected to a Sapphire RX570 and a Gigabyte GTX1060 so the initial test base will be for Core i5 CPU and AMD RX570, I have also tested successfully on my Core i7 Laptop. Currently I need to finish the proxy service for mining, otherwise it will look like its mining but not mine anything, so important to resolve. Currently I have 2 important parts I am working on and once I can resolve these I will advise of the GitHub upload to the community @CERON and @Alx282 I have the concept of an online wallet in the back of my mind and have talked to @jakzodiac about this in the past. However currently the focus is on the core product, @johnJohnsson's GUI Wallet and the infrastructure required. I see an online wallet option occurring only after all of this and based around a mining pool been built by us as well. However I do not make any guarantees at this stage other than this is an open source project making it possible after everything is running and secured, it is a thought for the future an not immediate. Watch this space, hope this helps
  2. The MonetaVerde Hard-Fork

    You are absolutely correct here, but there is also a balance where if the supply is too low it will drop the value of the currency, as you said if the supply it too high the same will happen. There needs to be the balance of the currencies ability to meet demand aligned with the limitation of over supply in the market. Also keeping in mind that the future value of every coin, including BitCoin, is not a dollar value but rather all cryptocurrency will eventually become a value in it's own. Looking at what can 100MCN buy, not what is its USD value. For example, get your car serviced for 100MCN or 100USD or 100BTC - We are in young days and the future is bright for value on BitCoin alone regardless of it's USD value.
  3. Using monetaverded for a lan pool

    Good Morning, No change that UAC could be blocking this? Likely your best move from here is to get some full logging running to look deeper, monetaverded.exe .....<YOUR_SETTINGS>....... --log-file C:\temp\mcn_daemon.log --log-level 4 Good Luck and please feel free to reach out about any logs you are unsure about
  4. Buyers Market

    Lets see what happens but I believe that @johnJohnsson is correct and this will bounce back, just much for now is unknown as this has been driven by banks and government trying to gain regulation if you follow the media, people are trying to get out. I have purchased ETH at $540 USD a coin last night and it's already back to $905 USD, it's bouncing back now given the market high in the last 24 hours is only $1,064. A nice little profit there to buy me a new server that will be a huge help with working on MCN and getting it running better
  5. Buyers Market

    It's a buyers market right now, who else is buying up like me? (Prices in New Zealand Dollars)
  6. Help with math

    Thank you, Found it and purchased on Google Play Movies....... I really don't have time for ads etc and would rather pay for a quality viewing without any BS As long as the kids are settled tonight I may just be enjoying a new movie
  7. Help with math

    Ummmmm, I cannot find 'The Big Shorts' on Google Play Movies.......... I will have to find it somewhere else, a link would be great if you have one, please
  8. Help with math

    Oh now I gotta watch this, I have not smiled this much since Silicon Valley got released. Now I want to watch Silicon Valley again lol
  9. Sync' MonetaVerde Blockchain

    Hi @tinocurione this is certainly something that we all want to see addressed, it is possible today but there are security vulnerabilities that make it very high risk to do. Currently @jakzodiac is working on the JSON RPC 2.0 Security to resolve this and I am working on a security model to be able to safely offer online wallets.
  10. Solo Mining (success rate)

    Good Morning, I have struck this issue on the local minerc a few times with testing over the last week, I have notes at home that I would have to go back through but this seems to be related to configured seed nodes on the monetaverded daemon. One of the seed nodes I have listed is creating an issue with local mining and once removed local mining works pretty well. At the moment I have not identified what node is the problem as it takes some time to test, it is a bug that needs to be worked out and has been a note on my mining pool construction list. I am not 100% certain that this is a node issue but in changing nothing but notes I can move from good local mining to no return local mining changing nothing else. If you have some time free @Harold Nootz and can play with the currently available nodes in regards to mining then it will be great to see if this is the issue and if so what node is this issue attached too. Will be a massive help,
  11. Alt-Coins

    @2+2=4 it will certainly be an interesting discussion, there are so many options out there As you have listed ETH, I think this is a great coin and I used to mine this on a GTX 1070 but stopped several months ago. Main reason there is that the GPU would mine approx $65 USD of ETH a month, I have changed this to ETC at a rate of $110 USD a month. From there I am trading ETC for ETH and ZEC, finding the mining based return to be so much higher and by waiting for the best time in the market the move to ETC to then be exchanged for ETH has doubled my monthly return on ETH. Some pretty small numbers here as only pointing a single GPU, but I like the blockchain concepts of ETH
  12. Web wallets

    Hello All, I will provide an update about this soon, it is something I am starting work on but my focus on this starts at security and once security is addressed I am building upwards from there. Currently testing some options and it is getting better but at the moment I still have several concerns that could allow this to be hacked. It's 1am here at the moment but my focus in the morning is to document my design so that I can reach out to @jakzodiac and @johnJohnsson for a second opinion, along with a friend locally who is a professional hacker. As security is my upmost priority in regards to this I will provide an update once I fix vunerabilities in the front end operation of online wallet prospects, it will be good to see such an option running as it will open this project up to a much wider audiance Thanks all and have a good day
  13. Using monetaverded for a lan pool

    Good Morning, I am successfully running a full monetaverded LAN at home today between Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Servers and my Ubuntu Desktop Computer, I can also connect Windows 10 to the daemon. So some notes about this but be warned, you likely do not want to put this on the WAN until the JSON RPC 2.0 Security Update release is made in the new and upcoming Daemon. If you want to connect a wallet, miner or other resources to your daemon then you can run your daemon as follows, monetaverded --seed-node <YOUR_CHOSEN_NODE> --rpc-bind-ip <YOUR_COMPUTER_IP> --rpc-bind-port <DEFAULT_28061> Note that you need the RPC Bind IP as if you do not list this the daemon will default to and making it invisible to other systems on the LAN If you wish to sync the daemon between systems on your LAN then use the following, monetaverded --seed-node <YOUR_CHOSEN_NODE> --p2p-bind-ip <YOUR_COMPUTER_IP> --p2p-bind-port <DEFAULT_28060> Obviously you can run these together and if your game you can add multiple P2P Bindings, e.g. Your Computer Address and Your Public IP Address Let us know how you get on, it will be good to hear from you
  14. Is your wallet heavy ?

    It is worth 200 MCN today and I am very certain that it will be worth 200 MCN in the future
  15. Sync' MonetaVerde Blockchain

    Good Morning, Yes it will be possible to sync this on an old Windows 7 Laptop but it could be slow, I certainly recommend at least 8GB RAM but I have also tested on Windows 10 with 4GB RAM successfully, noting that it used all the available RAM and left the system unusable for anything else. Download the Windows daemon from the SourceForge link above and to Sync you can run the following (The most basic method) monetaverded.exe --add-exclusive-node --seed-node Once Sync is complete then you can create a Wallet and / or look at other daemon options. All options are available if you run the following, monetaverded.exe --help Enjoy your day