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  1. GrumpyBum

    Serious MCN future to discuss

    Thanks @jakzodiac, Having indulged in MonetaVerde myself I agree fully with your comments above and those that were following my research project with SHC will have seen similar comments from myself as well. I do think that you have written this very well and it reflects why I have not continued with this model in the other new coin. As far as dispute etc is concerned, this is not the way I see it. Sorry for anyone I confused but comments above are correct about the new coin, it has been a learning path with not wanting to break the MCN blockchain and I am glad I did it as I broke SHC instead followed by many long nights fixing it. As said before, I had concern it would happen hence why I did this instead of using the MCN blockchain. I got my wires crossed and influenced MCN in a separate direction. The direction this is going under @jakzodiac has been positive from everything I have seen and therefore I do not want to change this. @jakzodiac is a very intelligent guy with some great visions and solid grounding, a respectable member of the blockchain community. Noting again, I am here and willing to help. Sorry if I am slow to respond over the next few weeks as I am busy in the fact that my entire team including myself have been made redundant and we are all looking for new jobs. Additionally I have much work going on but I am in no position to walk away from work for focus on development full time either. Heads up all, forward we all move
  2. GrumpyBum

    Minergate Drops MCN & inf8!

    Mixed feelings about this, lets look at this from a distance...... My 2 cents worth and I encourage people to challenge my comments if they disagree 1. MinerGate has been the most common and well known front of these coins for some time, MinerGate has been the go to point and the primary advertising point for MCN and INF8. 2. MinerGate holds the monopoly of all the hashes in the blockchain for MCN to such an extent that others are basically pushed out of the market in any serious mining pools or daemon miners. 3. MinerGate response to request and change process is so largely back logged that nothing is happening quickly and many requests are been dumped due to lack of demand. So, with these 3 facts in mind lets talk about what this means for the MCN community and those of us (everyone here) that still work with MCN. 1. The table is wide open for new players, with MinerGate dropping MCN means that they no longer hold this monopoly and gives other mining pools, console miners and / or enthusiasts a chance to obtain some market share in the blockchain. If you have or want to build a mining pool for MCN then the time to do so is now! 2. This releases MCN from slow release change and ultimately hands the reigns over to developers, @jakzodiac does this news not mean that power of development has now been handed to us? The monopoly is now broken? For us to all build a future with MCN this is good news as it hands much power in MCN to the user, who wants it? MinerGate just created an opportunity to take it! 40% or more of the hashes in the system are now released by this monopoly and the change to distribute these evenly opens up new opportunity for all with a relaunch of MCN.
  3. GrumpyBum

    Bueller?.... Ferris Bueller?.?.?.

    Good Morning @MMLLC, Few notes that I hope you find helpful about my ongoing commitment and development with MCN. My Current Position with MCN - My Current Position with Blockchain in General - http://harrier.tech/index.php/2018/05/cryptonote-discontinued/ I am hanging around and I still believe in the MCN project, I will become more active here once I get a chance to catch up with @jakzodiac Thanks and have a good day,
  4. GrumpyBum

    Serious MCN future to discuss

    Hello All, Been some time since I posted on here but I am still around. I want to see this happen and I keep moving forward everyday, more knowledge and lots of code with many different results. At this time, you may have noticed, I have backed off but I have not left. Feel like I have stood on @jakzodiac's toes a bit and this is his project, I am here to help and I am happy to do it his way. I do not have a lot to say until I have the opportunity to catch up with @jakzodiac as he has some great visions and I can see a great product resulting from his visions. For now I am still here, I am too far into this to abandon anyone, especially myself despite having less than 1% of this grand 100,000 above I have done a reverse look up on monetaverde.io sometime ago and as a result have the contact details of the site owner, but I have not done anything with these at this time. We are all mortal and @jakzodiac has had some changes that were unforeseen at the time of starting this, I understand the concern here but I also see the need for us to all be on the same page. We need to collaborate and go again as none of us saw this in the system. I am here when things are moving, I am watching until then as I do not want to divert the path of this into something lesser or otherwise (I will only accept better). I will be in touch people, sorry to be so quiet but I have been busy and I like been busy, it is all about where my attention is based so I have used this opportunity to develop elsewhere but have never given up on MCN either. Thanks all
  5. GrumpyBum


    Great Call and good timing @MMLLC, I had not considered this in design phase but now I am Noting that XMR Joint Mining would be Possible but not XMO (I am still reading whitepapers on the 4 way fork) I would say that the version of MCN I am working on now will not have this consideration but upgrading long term I cannot see why not. The current refresh I am working on is about getting this back into the crypto listings world
  6. GrumpyBum

    Design Phase

    Absolutely no need to apologize @jofta your doing a great job. Tag you in the though you may know more about the pool than me. Onwards and upwards, it takes a community to build a coin and I want to see it all happen for both MCN and SHC SHC is very new, I would be concerned if there were not issues. This is also one of the reasons I created SHC, so I do not make the same mistakes in MCN
  7. GrumpyBum

    Design Phase

    I will write up some information this afternoon and get this out. It is something I need to do for documentation anyway. Thanks,
  8. GrumpyBum

    Design Phase

    Hello All, This is all still in a development phase and needs work, I am hoping to have this running great over the next few months. This is not something I am able to provide a timeline on at this stage, but full updates will be posted to http://harrier.tech as well. This coin is designed with a focus on test net and trade, this is low to direct the coin more towards trade rather than mining with a focus on looking to give this coin higher value rather than higher numbers. Also noting that the mining is set quite easy in reflection of this slow release of coin into the market. Noting that I am seeing much faster return from Linux systems over and above Windows Systems, the Linux return is acceptable but the Windows return low. This is something I am looking deeper into although it is confusing me a bit at the moment, only time until I find the answer to why. With goals on this coin the more coin in circulation the better. But also noting that at this time the concept of this coin is going against the MCN design and test net phase. Due to the focus around MCN and the outcomes of SHC please keep in mind that this coin will have slower progression than a full focused release. The best thing that could assist with this would be additional public P2P servers to be online. @jofta have you had a recent outage on this service? Is there anything you need me to do with this as well? I have noticed this has dropped from 4 or 5 miners to 1 not long after I have assigned my GPU's to more MCN testing and away from SHC. Thanks for your support all
  9. GrumpyBum

    Soft Fork

    I am on a mission - Soft Fork happening sooner then expected - https://github.com/GrumpyBum/monetaverde.softfork PLEASE DO NOT COMPILE THIS CODE, This is an FYI and I am working hard to ensure Blockchain is integrated and everyone holds the same amount of MCN as they do today. Updates will be published in Announcements as soon as Possible. Thanks all!
  10. GrumpyBum

    Soft Fork

    Hello All, Want to see what the Soft Fork will look like? Details here, It is GUI Driven
  11. GrumpyBum

    Design Phase

    Hello All, I know many have been waiting for an announcement about a new coin, this is a work in progress and coming along as I have time. But the main thing here is the point of the new coin is design and testing for MCN, this is what the soft fork of MCN will look like! So lots of work to do, see SHC and the near future of MCN!! MCN Home: https://getmonetaverde.org SHC Home: http://harrier.tech MCN 2014: https://gitlab.com/GetMonetaVerde.org/monetaverde SHC 2018: https://github.com/GrumpyBum/harrier.coin MCN 2014 Mining Pool: https://minercountry.com/ SHC 2018 Mining Pool: https://shc.jofta.com/ MCN 2014 GUI Wallet: Will Not Happen MCN 2018 GUI Wallet: Following Soft Fork SHC 2018 GUI Wallet: https://github.com/GrumpyBum/harrier.wallet Following the Soft Fork of MCN a GUI Wallet will be Built! Here is an Example, Your feedback on this will shape the future of MCN
  12. GrumpyBum

    Soft Fork

    Hahaha, dropped that one without thinking It is what I have been using to test all of the above and ensure things are going to work, it's blockchain is a few weeks old only Running some more test over this week and MCN users are to be the first to know, if you want to check it out today then see my GitHub page or http://harrier.tech
  13. GrumpyBum

    Soft Fork

    Also......... Some where in this picture I want to maintain dual mining...... Currently it is MinerGate MCN and INF-8........ I am focusing on a MCN and SHC combined mining pool. Unless @campurro you wish to take on this mining pool for combined mining? Given that you are our mining pool savior What is the community opinion...... do we look to see if we can adopt INF-8 or move on with MCN alone?
  14. GrumpyBum

    Soft Fork

    @campurro Noting that I think your input is an excellent and best decision based on existing code available, I have only said no because of the C# hard fork @jakzodiac is working on....... Sorry if I sounded like a dick, you are a very valuable player in this project!
  15. GrumpyBum

    Soft Fork

    Hi @campurro, full respect for looking down this path. I think you have your head in a good space considering this for MonetaVerde. But please, no....... I am talking to sticking to raw CryptoNote Forking, yes I agree that ForkNote is better but we are also moving towards a C# hard fork that will make ForkNote look legacy. The main driver for this is @jakzodiac and I have full faith in his ability. My position is about restoring MCN via soft fork in order to get this running again, this means I am sticking to CryptoNote Foundation code only! I have done a lot of research, including you suggestion (it's not a bad suggestion) but due to upcoming hard fork we need to stay native, we will potentially destroy MCN by hard forking to ForkNote and then hard forking again to C#. Hence, we need to stay native. Love your thoughts and direction, I have considered the same. But I see this as a bad move, hope you can understand, PM me if you want to know more on my thoughts about this. If the direction on MCN ever changes (I hope it does not) then this is a great option, it is well worth a look! Thanks