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  1. jakzodiac

    Modernizing the code-base

    It's been a while since I posted an update. I need to catch up with the other team members and bring them up to speed before I delve too much into this. I apologize for the delays. Updates will follow within the next few days.
  2. jakzodiac

    Minergate Drops MCN & inf8!

    I saw this too. This is good news for us. They were a huge setback for us.
  3. jakzodiac

    Serious MCN future to discuss

    Hi everyone, You all have every right to be concerned but I do not agree with the above topic in the slightest. Although I did at one point consider taking what I've learned from this project and going a different direction with the blockchain I decided against it. I think to do so is not MonetaVerde. To me, MonetaVerde is a very complex project with an excited community and growing talent pool. We are all navigating uncharted waters and learning as we go. Although I have had my share of disagreements with others, I am quite excited and proud of what has been accomplished. I also understand what each step means and consider every action taken with our communities greatest interest in mind. MonetaVerde is filled with bugs. If its to be treated as money, we must think of it as such. It is in absolutely no way ready for any exchange. I refuse to speculate or cause speculation by encouraging such thoughts this early on. I made one post I can think of encouraging such actions and I regret that. My only advice is that if you believe in it, mine it. As long as I am around I will do my best to focus on maintaining the blockchain. That said, no one should think MonetaVerde is safe this early on. It is a risk to speculate on and an even greater risk to consider an investment. I do consider it an investment though and for every hour spent by others on it, I've probably spent double in research alone. Although my disagreements are true, I believe I have good reason. My biggest hesitation in launching wallets and pools this early on is that a few of the major flaws in MonetaVerde could ruin the blockchain's history if exploited. With growing attention and MinerGate dominating our customer base, this is inevitable. My priority is keeping the blockchain as clean as possible and preparing the core for the next version. For this reason wallets and pools are afterthoughts to me. To this day I have not met a single person who's asked, "but what happens if something breaks or is hacked?" This concerns me. As for the new coin that was launched, I merely pointed out that it is not MonetaVerde but a new coin. @GrumpyBum has my absolute respect though as he is quite intelligent and I'm sure his coin will succeed. The biggest difference between others and myself is I refuse to branch off of a newer codebase and build backwards compatibility for our blockchain because I disagree with the core functionality and lack of efficiency of nearly every coin. To do so would almost instantly lock us in place and like Bitcoin run into the issue where almost all innovation is stops. I want to build a green cryptocurrency that is a real currency and not just a pump and dump coin. Like any real investment this requires research, time, and patience. Many questions are still unanswered, but will be. I am back and if the community is still interested, ready to get rolling again.
  4. jakzodiac

    New Moneta Verde Mining Pool

    @campurro the UltraNote Paperwallet does in fact seem like a decent option and I think we should go for it. There are only minor differences in the way we generate our keys and the way the newer codebases generate them. I have a friend who's quite skilled in this area. I'll reach out to him and see if he's willing to help out.
  5. jakzodiac

    Am I really solo mining?

    You might be able to pull it off with Virtual Machines but otherwise I don't think so. The daemon is hardcoded to communicate on a specific port and store its data in a working file. As such you can't use two or more daemons at once on the same OS. If you used VMs though you might be able to pull it off. Its a concept worth testing I think.
  6. jakzodiac

    New Moneta Verde Mining Pool

    @campurro I'll take a look and get back to you later this week. I'm quite interested in the idea. As for MinerGate, the issues are arising as new pools are coming into the scene during a time of low mining difficulty. MinerGate represents the largest share in computing power on the blockchain. Because of this, and the way their app works, they've maintained majority rule. Their blockchain was the longest and treated as the primary source of truth without question. Now, with the new pool, we are pushing the network to have competing sources of truth. This binary system mixed with a low difficulty is rough as whoever has more computing power will instantly overpower the other and the other will experience more orphans. This is expected and will be fixed as more pools are added, mining difficulty increases, and when we fix the max height variable (something we are working on). If that is hard to understand, think of it this way: Because of how easy it is to mine right now, and that only one blockchain can be true, a block mined by one pool 2 seconds slower than the other pool will have to be mined again on the history (blockchain) of the leading pool. Hence all the orphans. If we get more pools and spread out the computing power it will clear up.
  7. jakzodiac

    Modernizing the code-base

    @campurro I don't have any notable updates just yet. I'll be honest, the last few weeks I've been somewhat distracted by my own personal affairs and have not had much time to work on the project. My wife and I are in the middle of a big move so it may be just a bit longer before I have anything new and noteworthy. That said though, I've been brushing up on C++ daily - something I am not a pro in, compiling my own notes, and researching other cryptocurrencies, so time has not been wasted. I look forward to and hope to be of more assistance after the move.
  8. jakzodiac

    Daemon not Syncing (Seed node down)

    The issue is that the seed node I was running shut down because of a preset value I put into Google Cloud. I had a budget set of $120 per month on hosting. We've capped that already due to what appears to be just heavy traffic, causing constant load balancing, on a ram heavy VMs. I did not restart it because I don't believe we should be paying that much this early on. I will work with the other admins to see what we can do. Please feel free to connect to each others nodes in the meantime. It's quite easy and should get you all back up and running. I apologize for the inconvenience as well as the late reply. Best regards, David
  9. jakzodiac

    Daemon close with 'killed' after launch

    That is odd. I'm not sure what would have caused that. When you start the daemon, can you set the log level to 4? I'd like to know if it was the program or the machine that killed the process and when.
  10. That is an excellent question @MMLLC. I think so, yes. I've been researching cryptocurrencies extensively over the last few months and have come to the conclusion that there are completely different customer segments each requiring their own value proposition (solution or use case if you will). Each one varies in demographics, behavior, level of knowledge and interaction, and of course loyalty. Arguably the "little guys" you speak of, are the most important segment. It's the largest segment in the world and the key to building strong local communities. It's also the segment that might provide the most economic potential because the "actual value" it provides might not be globally recognized just yet. I don't think any cryptocurrency to date has built a system targeted towards these customers/ users.
  11. jakzodiac

    Thank you

    Hi @johnJohnsson, I'm really sorry to hear that you are leaving. As @GrumpyBum has stated, it was an honor to work with you. Should you change your mind we'll still be here. Best regards, David
  12. jakzodiac

    Sell Before Launch

    @JayRoyalty69 I don't believe so, no. I don't think we'll have a single one day exchange launch, but instead many minor releases that slowly empower everyone to make the exchanges they desire. You likely won't exchange it from myself or the official crew, but instead other members of the community as intended. I do have further thoughts on this subject though but they require more research and refinement so I'll have to come back to this subject at a later date.
  13. @MMLLC that is a great question. The straightforward answer is that it is and it isn't. Compared to existing financial systems, it is. The overall carbon footprint for any cryptocurrency is minuscule compared to that of the world's existing financial infrastructure. There are plenty of books to read on the subject. Compared to Bitcoin - it isn't. Bitcoin's ASICs are far more energy efficient. Period. Arguably the merged mining feature makes it better, but really it only makes it more rewarding. MonetaVerde though is a project in its infancy and will find its own way. I ponder what it means to be make a green cryptocurrency all the time and I think we'll get there. But to do so we will need to drop the "block" in blockchain, replace POW with a faster system, make it compatible with servers (so it can run on web hosts and cloud services that run 24/7 anyway), and open up the platform to allow different databases and sharding techniques. These aren't de facto goals, but things I consider. I suppose to that end and to sum up my answer, we're still figuring that out and we're all ears if you have ideas.
  14. jakzodiac

    Been Quiet This Week

    Hi @Holyfenix, I apologize for the slow reply. I took a step back for a few weeks to not only take care of some personal affairs, but also assess the marketplace, and learn far more about what each and every major/ innovative cryptocurrency is working on. As much as I would love to commit to weekly updates - I think such a promise at this point would do more harm than good. We're committed to our quarterly goals and will do our best to reach them and provide briefs accordingly. Sadly, I have not yet had a chance to get to your PM. I have much to catch up on and will this week though.
  15. jakzodiac

    Daemon not Syncing (Seed node down)

    Absolutely @johnJohnsson.Can you send me the IP address? Correction - meant to reply to @saeua.