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    Thanks to the persistence and support of numerous community members, we are now in control of the official monetaverde subreddit community. Updates will follow shortly.
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    Ok everyone, First of all, thank you for all the input, I'm glad you all did. I took all pro's and cons into account and tried to envision it into a banner which should be visible with the GUI we make for the Wallet. I've made 2 simple banners (still no graphical designer,please, if you have graphical design skills = post): I did my final though process and did take into account the words of @mrwise, and my final saying on this is the following (unless David overrules me): Valise will be the "umbrella" under which we will roll out a set of applications (a suitcase for our journey which can contain multiple items) under which: - The Wallet (CLI Wallet, GUI Wrapper) A.K.A. GreenWallet - A CPU / GPU miner - To be determined So we will make a "Valise" available with this ecosystem of applications in it. What's your take on it? Below how the suite would look in overview (any other application can be fitted into this picture).
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    Thank you @jakzodiac! It's an honor to be a part of this project and I look forward to making it great with the excellent staff you've put together and all members of the community!
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    I sincerely apologise for my absence. It looks like the health checks I setup on Google Cloud were not working on the nodes because of the blockchain load time. I have them load balanced so that even in the case of extreme usage they won't go down. What I did not anticipate was that the load time necessary to load the blockchain at startup could exceed the health check iteration time limit forcing the load balancer to shut down the node and create a second. This is causing a never ending cycle of nodes that don't startup properly. I'm working on a fix right now.
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    I would like to present the idea of naming the smallest unit of the MonetaVerde a "Lira" to compliment the Italian connection to the name of this coin - moneta verde means green coin in Italian. I am an Italian citizen living in Italy, but I grew up in the USA. I think it would be interesting to not only call it the Lira, but to also peg it to the Satoshi for the time being. There is a great movement here in Italy to have the Lira return as a national currency, as Italians are tired of being constantly cheated by the Euro ever since its introduction into our economy. People here are always wishing and lamenting for the return of the Lira. At the same time, there is a growing interest here in the cryptocurrencies and people are mining but have no real way to spend or use their coins. I believe that if Italians were given the opportunity to reanimate the Lira, they would do it simply for reasons of pride. And because Satoshis don't have any real economic value at the moment, it would not be a problem to sacrifice or exchange a few BTC Satoshi for a few MCN Lira. If this exchange were possible, it would also raise the value of the MCN because at the moment the MCN is being valued at about 100 Satoshi. Just an idea!
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    Always the question...red or green....exciting to see a build progressing And green it is....LOL. Sorry all, just happy to finally being able to say hello to the Daemon via Json (thanks for your help @jakzodiac)
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    So you all know Inf-8 and fantomcoin will become MonetaVerde projects, just not yet. I have different plans for each of them and how they will play a larger roll together.
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    Today I'd like to take a moment to recognize and congratulate our newest community staff member @Harold Nootz. @Harold Nootz is well known throughout our community for his helpful tips and constant tinkering in the more technical aspects of MonetaVerde. His consistent efforts to help the community grow, troubleshoot technical issues, and help everyone better understand MonetaVerde and all its components have made a great impact on the community and we look forward to having him work with us as an official staff member. Thank you @Harold Nootz. It's awesome to have you aboard.
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    Hello All, I will provide an update about this soon, it is something I am starting work on but my focus on this starts at security and once security is addressed I am building upwards from there. Currently testing some options and it is getting better but at the moment I still have several concerns that could allow this to be hacked. It's 1am here at the moment but my focus in the morning is to document my design so that I can reach out to @jakzodiac and @johnJohnsson for a second opinion, along with a friend locally who is a professional hacker. As security is my upmost priority in regards to this I will provide an update once I fix vunerabilities in the front end operation of online wallet prospects, it will be good to see such an option running as it will open this project up to a much wider audiance Thanks all and have a good day
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    I know I won't sell them quickly...I see it as Shares and we determine by how well we can make the currency how much they are worth Furthermore, personally, the exact price of a MCN in dollars or euro's does not interest me at all, I just want to see it getting used, then prices will follow.
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    I know everyone is excited about figuring out the max coin cap right now because its almost a fast track way to get back on things like coinmarketcap and get listed on exchanges, but I really believe we need to come up with a consensus on what the coin will do (along with Inf8 and FCN). An idea I had. -Have we considered starting an exchange, we can do something like Binance and have the ability to use our coin as the transaction fee (miner fee will obviously still have to be the coin that is getting traded)? An exchange would need to be easy to use and backed up by a solid server set up. This would of course require funding which if we can build a solid platform and show it to potential investors. While of course there would need to be a monetary incentive for this, I think we need to make the platform as cheap as possible and as easy to use as possible. I look at coinbase and its easy to use, but their fees are insane and they have a lot of trouble scaling when big upswings happen in trading/withdrawals happen. I think we could really push the green aspect of the coin as well. Since the coin can be merged mined with other cryptonight coins we could charge ridiculously low transaction fees that scale with the size of the trade. You can give the option of automating the fee or trading some of the bigger coins for MCN ahead of time which can come with a discount or something. Market it as an easy to use, cheap trading platform, that aims to help new traders but with advanced services that veteran traders have come to expect.
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    Hey Staymos. I don't have any definitive answer for you; however, I will say that the admin team probably aren't going to really push for MCN to be on a market until we have the GUI wallet system up and running so that it's user friendly and takes minimal knowledge to use.
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    Good Morning @staymos, I cannot me certain on time frames but progress has been made daily at this stage. @johnJohnsson has done some great work on a new wallet and I have built a miner that I hope to release soon, once I resolve proxy issues to the daemon from the miner I will upload this to GitHub, we are all working on some aspects of this together at the moment. I am making good progress with the AMD / Radeon SDK, but very little with CUDA SDK as my GTX1060 connected to development computer keeps crashing with a lot of the code. Due to this and a priority of getting this onto GitHub the initial release will be CPU and AMD GPU only, CUDA support will come later. My development computer is connected to a Sapphire RX570 and a Gigabyte GTX1060 so the initial test base will be for Core i5 CPU and AMD RX570, I have also tested successfully on my Core i7 Laptop. Currently I need to finish the proxy service for mining, otherwise it will look like its mining but not mine anything, so important to resolve. Currently I have 2 important parts I am working on and once I can resolve these I will advise of the GitHub upload to the community @CERON and @Alx282 I have the concept of an online wallet in the back of my mind and have talked to @jakzodiac about this in the past. However currently the focus is on the core product, @johnJohnsson's GUI Wallet and the infrastructure required. I see an online wallet option occurring only after all of this and based around a mining pool been built by us as well. However I do not make any guarantees at this stage other than this is an open source project making it possible after everything is running and secured, it is a thought for the future an not immediate. Watch this space, hope this helps
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    I think you're Right, it'd be nice if there is a social media presence for the coin, so that people will know that it is not dead, but i don't think you should advertise yet, at least wait until the basics are covered, like the GUI Wallet and the other pools, and most importantly the coin's status on other platforms like "coinmarketcap" and "cryptocompare" to be fixed. That's just my opinion, but i don't think rushing into it will do us any good, take it slow and easy, and cover every aspect of the matter to end up with a successful cryptocurrency, not just another one. Cheers.
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    Just a reminder all: I know that it is in the distant future, but if there is going to be an INF8 revival at some point, you can merge-mine INF8 and MCN on Minergate (at least for now). Which means whatever hashrate you get, you will be getting that for BOTH currencies at the same time. INF8 is a little easier right now, so you'll see it outstrip your MCN, but that's just ratios, traffic, and algorithms. You will make the same amount of MCN, whether or not you merge-mine INF8 - so why not get both? I've also verified that the original INF8 daemon and wallet works just as well as the MCN does, using the same seed parameters. Transactions work great. Just my 2 cents anyway. Later!
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    remember that people (public or potential consumers) are always attracted to things or people that seem familiar, and the only thing that motivates them to choose a different product (new or innovative) is when the product has new features or in other words has an added value that differentiates it from others. in this case we are talking about a wallet that fulfills a normal function, which is to protect the investments of our future clients. So, now that I think about it, maybe the name of the wallet is not so important, I would say that greenwallet is a good name, but if you choose another name there is no problem!! @johnJohnsson @mrwise
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    Considering that this forum will be the new face of the coin in the near future, i think it would be good to quit the blue in heather and putt it a little greener like the new logo. Also, the new logo would be awesome to be visible for the new persons arriving the community.
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    Hi everyone, This is something I've been digging into as well myself. As you all know you can't change the blockchain history. With rewards locked inside validated blocks, and a block history that goes back to 2014, we haven't lost anything. How we query that information seems to be where this issue arrives. So please, don't fret. Nothing is zeroing in mainchain. We just need to figure out where the RPC API is limiting the query length.
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    Hi All, Behind the curtains the team is working on a GUI Wallet Wrapper. The reason for this move is that the learning curve to use the Simple Wallet in combination with the Daemon is too steep for non-it members and we want to facilitate the services to a broad audience. Hence the decision. Currently I added the first design images as teaser as we add features every day and also added a POC to show we mean business. Image 1: Basic design of the GUI Image 2: Proof Of Concept: GUI interaction with the wallet established We already managed to interact with the CLI wallet and able to withdraw 3 MCN to the wallet by using the GUI and able to update the balance on the GUI: We are now working on: Updating blockheight, login with dialog, transactions with paymentId, sending of MCN to another person with dialog. Maybe also generate a QR code, just because it looks awesome (what do you think?) Edit 27-1-2018 14:50 UTC: Added the login for the wallet (let me know what you think) Later we will hopefully be able to handle the communication with the daemon, wallet and miner(s) in one GUI. Please feel free to add requests, remarks and questions about it! PS: Currently we are working on the Windows build as we feel the most users are needing it are on this platform, in a later stage we will port this to a cross-platform GUI (Linux, Mac). Best Regards,
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    You are absolutely correct here, but there is also a balance where if the supply is too low it will drop the value of the currency, as you said if the supply it too high the same will happen. There needs to be the balance of the currencies ability to meet demand aligned with the limitation of over supply in the market. Also keeping in mind that the future value of every coin, including BitCoin, is not a dollar value but rather all cryptocurrency will eventually become a value in it's own. Looking at what can 100MCN buy, not what is its USD value. For example, get your car serviced for 100MCN or 100USD or 100BTC - We are in young days and the future is bright for value on BitCoin alone regardless of it's USD value.
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    I speak for my self when i say this, i understand English perfectly but i'm not an english speaker "from lack of practice i'm sure", so if i attend such meeting i will only be listening and that's not much of a help to you guys, i'm hoping one day to localize what's happening here to make a market for the coin in my region, as for now if think of something, i will gladly share it here.
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    I'm not much of a financier, but my understanding of the matter is that it's about demand and supply, if the supply rate is high but the demand is low, the price will drop, if the opposite happened, the price will rise, and so on, by limiting the capacity of the coins with good promoting we will aim towards a high demand rate with low supply, which will set the price right. The key here is a good marketing plan, as of today there are 1514 different coins out there, and to make this one shine we need to come up with a devious promoting strategy. I apologize if my English is weird and disorganized, i'm not a native
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    I'll take a quick attempt at answering this. Though my response will be incomplete and speculative, I think there are two glaring reasons why. If an expert, or someone who has been following since the beginning, or anyone else wants to chime in, please feel free to correct me or add to this: 1. Infinite supply - It's my understanding that the initial design of MCN didn't have a cap limit to the amount of coins. This, by itself can be suggested to be a killer to a currency. A currency relies on some sort of scarcity. If there are an infinite amount of Ferrari's, then no one is going to spend the same amount of money that they would spend on a house to own one. Why? ... Because there are an infinite amount of them... you can get, in theory, an infinite amount of them just for yourself, as can your neighbor and anyone else all at the same time. Why would you trade something that is hard to come by (capital/money/currency/time) for something that has an infinite supply? In the vast majority of circumstances, no 'right' minded or finance minded individual would suggest it'd be wise to. 1.5 Valuation - The above also leads to valuation. With an infinite supply, it's practically impossible to calculate a market cap. With no supply cap, there can be no market cap. Without being able to define a market cap, the vast majority of serious investors will not take it seriously. (What is an infinite supply of beanie babies or tulips or Zimbabwe banknotes worth to the end user? ... eventually nothing.) With no serious investors, there is no serious investment capital, and therefore no practical means of raising money or having people interested to invest in it. 2. Development / Direction - The second reason would be a lack of development and direction. The strongest/most well built building in the world will eventually crumble if it's not actively maintained. The technology that MCN is built on is proven. While that statement can be debated, there are already several long standing cryptos built on it, and at least one can be said to be unquestionably "successful". But without continued development and maintenance, anything will crumble. The original developers stopped developing and maintaining MCN long before it "died" (stopped being actively traded/represented on exchanges... had mining pools drop it... etc.)... just look at the time stamps for the last commit/release of new versions vs. the last time it was actively traded. Luckily, the new devs are fixing/have fixed these problems. They are planning to set a max cap, creating scarcity, and are actively developing and updating the foundation.
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    Quick update: Doing some testing with the mining on the GUI on the latest code + added incoming transactions (still need some polishing) + added autorefresh (5 second interval)
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    Welcome @luke ! Nothing wrong with a strong googlefu skillset I think some of the other guys here will be able to better address your questions and thoughts (I'm far from an expert), but I figure I'll take a quick stab at them. "How does mining actually help?" - for PoW (Proof of Work) cryptos, mining creates supply and as you mentioned, helps ensure a healthy blockchain. Part of what makes a blockchain healthy is that it's constantly growing, ensuring transactions get secured in the chain. My understanding is that the constant growth creates the stability, if all of a sudden people stopped trading and mining all at once, pending transactions would get stuck because the next block wouldn't get finished. "Does mining raise the price?" Mining itself doesn't raise the price, if anything, theoretically it decreases the value because it increases the supply without affecting price. The longer story to that is with a decent amount of mining, the blockchain is healthy, and that is a (fractional) part of what would make someone be interested in investing, which then increases the value. Either way, it doesn't directly affect the price, but indirectly affects it in a few ways, most of which is positive, but on it's own, neutral. With that, if some of the pros here would like to chime in and correct me and rip me apart for false information, I'd welcome the learning lesson. As for your suggestions, I couldn't agree more. Of the little bits that I've seen from what the devs are working on, it certainly seems to be going in the vain of your suggestions (simplicity for the end user/easy of use, good quality, visual appeal, etc.). As for the exchanges, I couldn't agree more, it's a bit annoying that nearly all exchanges work on the basis of being able to buy one coin with FIAT currency, using that one coin as the main currency, and pitting all others against that one (or small handful). This is very disappointing and annoying, especially for newcomers to the market. There are new projects being developed that are rumored to change that this year, but that's completely independent of us here. About being able to buy coins directly from the website, it's an interesting proposal, (I actually like it), but that's a completely different business model, not one that I'm sure the newfound-new-founders of MCN would want to get into. It does have a few advantages, but also has disadvantages and headaches that go along with it. Not something that I can speak for them on. For myself, it's something that I could write many pages on discussing both the advantages and disadvantages. The more I think about it, the more fun of a mental exercise it is. (By buying it off of an exchange, you're reducing the value on the exchange, lowering the price. But then you can fix that by replenishing the supply from exchanges. But then to make it sustainable you'd have to sell it for more than it's worth, giving the buyer a bit of remorse, but perhaps they know that going into it that they are paying for the ease. So you make the barrier to entry easier, but harm the perceived value a little. But you increase the amount of individuals with the coin, increasing interest, but also while inflating the price artificially slightly, devaluing it a bit. and round and round it goes in my head, but perhaps I'm definitely over thinking it, lol. Personally I think it'd be a great side business, but with the new exchanges that are rumored to take care of this gap in the market, may not be worth it) Hmm, this ended up being a very long winded way of saying, Welcome! with a quick reply. I may need to lay off the coffee.
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    About 2 months ago I started learning about and getting interested in CryptoNote so I was researching all the cryptos that used Cryptonight. I saw that MonetaVerde's reddit page was dead, but I guess I never closed the tab because it still ended up in my bookmarks with all the other open tabs. A week or two later I happened to open up all the bookmarked tabs again and saw a day old post by jakzodiac . I was very interested to see what he envisioned, but have been burned by talk too many times so I held back, waited to see what happens, and checked in a few times since. I've been watching the progress/updates and I'm very happy to see that he''s put together a team that's taking it seriously and is being worked on very actively, so I figure it's time to come out from the shadows and introduce myself. I've played many roles in the IT world for over 10 years now, from hobbyist to professional. I've worked on solo projects and for teams, coder/programmer, project manager, designed and started an MSP, consulted, the list goes on. I wouldn't consider myself a master of any specific aspect of it, but I've always had a knack at understanding the high overview and researched/learned until I knew what I needed to in order to accomplish the goal. I still haven't finished looking through all of the projects thread of the forum, but I'd be more than happy to help out if/where i can. I have some time to dedicate for a new side project, some extra bandwidth, and normally some spare cycles for processes (although the way I see it right now, if my processor isn't at 100% then I'm not mining efficiently enough )
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    Hi All, Just another update on the GUI wallet wrapper: The integration with the minerC application has been done, this means, you can now (when you logged in your wallet) go to Start Mining, the system will now ask you on how many threads you want to mine. Just to give an example how much difference it makes: on 1 thread (default) I get 30 H/S and with 5 threads (I have 6 cores) I get 125 to 135 H/S. Not bad for only CPU mining. See screenshots below (reminder: the hashrate will be shown on the right lower corner of the GUI. Image 1: Start the mining Image 2: Mining started: The next part which will be addressed is the "recent transactions". I'll keep you posted!
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    I would like take a moment to recognize and thank several key members of the community have shown a greater interest in the continuous growth and development of our new community. @GrumpyBum - one of the first members of the forum, and active core services developer alongside myself; @johnJohnsson - another early member, core developer, and project manager; and @Nathen - an experienced community manager who's got a keen interest in helping make our community stronger. We're still a young community, but these three members have been (even if behind the scenes) core members of this community and will likely play a far greater roll throughout numerous projects in the near future. On behalf of our community - thank you. I look forward to an awesome year with all three of you.
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    Another night of progress. No new official version yet though. I'd like to tackle a few security concerns this week that I've stumbled upon while reviewing the code changes of Karbowanec and Electroneum. It sucks that we are so far behind, but it gives us the advantage of reviewing others mistakes and learning from them. The lack of comments and documentation though make it a nightmare to review. But slow and steady progress is definitely being made.
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    Oh boy, well I was some form of Field Technician for the last 20+ years. Every kind of hardware/software/datacenter type of environment you can think of. From pizza shops to banks, to major hardware firms that manufacture server solutions. Mostly private contracting the last 5 years. The last couple of years I've been getting more and more into just home inspections. I was picked up by FEMA for post-disaster inspections, and although it can be several months away from home at times, I am finding the change of pace extremely stress-free. Hadn't realized just how much the ol' career and keeping up with the times had worn on me. Not to mention that for whatever reason, IT Field technicians salaries went up like everyone else's until about 8-10 years ago, then for some weird reason - you might as well deliver pizzas for a living now. If I wasn't a private contractor, you max out as Field tech making the same as I did way back in 2003! I mean wow! LOL I'm married, no kids, live in the boonies on a creek, and love it. Other than that... not much to tell. Web dev hobbyist, HAM radio enthusiast, etc. KB0RQB if I hear you out there somewhere. Later!
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    I'm usually pretty good with basic math.... but I can't wrap my head around this problem: On a different note, it's great to see the hash rate jump up an average of 40% since I first looked at MCN
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    Hi All, As mentioned earlier with the GUI Wallet Wrapper topic we have decided to create a brand new C Sharp Wallet which should ultimately replace the current SimpleWallet application which will give us way more control over its source code and can be separately maintained. We want to give you a view of work being done behind the curtains and we encourage you (if you'd like) to feedback and help out. Check the GitHub for the latest: https://github.com/JohnJohnssonnl/MonetaVerdeWalletC @GrumpyBum and myself will be the main contributors to this project if you have questions, but feel free to comment and help out! The following characteristics are applicable to the vision of the new wallet, but can be altered if needed throughout the programming process: Functional: - Basic functionality as with every wallet (balance/ transactions/ send coins etc.etc.) - Command line based - Linux/MacOS/Windows (focus on Windows when developing) - GUI Wrapper ready - Stable and secure - <Some things we have in mind, but we cannot share because we don't know if we can accomplish them in time> Technical: - Cross platform due to .NET - Full C# implementation, no C++ hocus pocus so broader audience for maintaining and commenting on code - Support RPC layer and remote Daemon - Independent from the core code, we want to be able to build the Wallet code without compiling the core and vice versa. - Secure storage of password (something to do with salt and pepper) and keys (not openly discussed) Please do not hesitate to add your feature requests, but we cannot promise we can all take them into account as this project will not be a walk in the park and will require some serious time to complete, so we currently do not have deadline on when we're going to have a beta version ready. But again, please checkout the progress on the GitHub and we will also update when we have some more information/updates on this project. Let us know your thoughts! Best regards, PS: We still need a good name for the wallet as we think SimpleWallet isn't as appealing as it can be. So if you have any suggestions?
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    For PPLNS you are rewarded for your work only when the block is finish and you have less fee For PPS you are rewarded for you work every share you get but you have more fee PPLNS: a bit of luck but more gain if you work 24/24 with high hashrate PPS: linear gain, good if you don't work 24/24 and you have a small hashrate
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    Welcome aboard Farfa! as far as this goes you might be able to help once we have all the technical side of things down. Perhaps you could sell MonetaVerde trinkets and accessories in order to spread the word that MonetaVerde is back full force once the time comes! You'll be able to pocket some extra Verde and spread the word!
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    Wow, I can't believe my GreenWallet idea has made it thus far. I think any of these ideas are very good! I do like the idea of the Valise Suite with some trickle down components. It all feels very MonetaVerde.
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    Hi @LordSoylent, I appreciate your work so far. I do want to stress that we are currently moving our code in the new wallet project (C#) away from the core code dependencies. Our goal is to have a separately maintained Wallet which communicates with a remote Daemon (not localhost) via RPC (secured off course) which we wrap with a GUI seperate of the CLI Wallet code. Therewith creating an ecosystem of applications for easy maintainability and configurability. Also with this approach we can encourage enthusiasts to create their own GUI's on top of the CLI Wallet. I do hope we're not duplicating tasks, and hope we can work together to create the best user experience for MCN. Please PM @jakzodiac, @GrumpyBum and myself so perhaps we can together have a look what's done and how we can streamline our processes of development. Looking forward to your thoughts! Best regards, JJ
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    i get near 200 mcn ! and realy happy ! (mining at night with my 3 job computer shhhh) but only with cpu ... the Hashrate is low... (1+ month mining)
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    Hi there, and welcome! I'm not an expert in the technical things behind the coin itself, but I do have some goals regarding the ease-of-use for those like us. 1: There is a possibility that we can make an exchange right here on this forum software, as well as a marketplace; which I am aiming for. 2: Web based mining pitted through this website itself. The idea is to have a "click and go" setup (like MinerGate) embedded into either this forum landing, or the main website.
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    I like the idea, but how do you impose to check this and program this? But I do believe even though we need energy to mine crypto's, this energy CAN be durable harvested, in contrast to, for example, gold. Have you ever seen in what way gold is being mined in the tropical rain-forest? It's a disgrace to say the best. So in that respect those who talk about the environment problems due to energy usage from mining crypto's in the media (TV etc.) are just looking for a new way to blame crypto's. Best regards,
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    Yesterday synchronized Blockchain, tested the transfer from the pool to the local wallet. Someone previously wrote - pool does not out with fee by default, so the commission set it at once 0.2%. The transaction took less than 5 minutes. I confirm, the network is working! If you look at the diagram in the pool minergate, you will see that the coin was seen in April 2017, and active mining began in January 2018
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    it is quite clear that if we want MCN to be considered as a currency it would be attractive for investors and for ordinary people, we need to establish a maximum limit, But what would happen if a maximum limit is established that can be increased in fixed periods of time? What I want to say is: what would happen if every 2, 4, 5, 10 or 15 years the limit of available currencies was increased?
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    Hi All, I can finally say I'm wrapping up work for the GUI Wrapper. I think it's stable enough to be tested. But together with @GrumpyBum and @jakzodiac we've decided that we do not want to release it yet, but we're planning on rewriting the entire wallet (!!!!!) and making sure the GUI Wrapper interacts with this new wallet.Below the reason why: As you probably know, we currently have the "SimpleWallet" application which also the GUI Wrapper talks with, but we feel we want to have more control over its code and make it more maintainable as it currently is too integrated in other applications in the ecosystem. So for example the Daemon files are required for the SimpleWallet. Furthermore, and here it gets a bit technical, the code is written in CPP (C ++), and it uses a lot of dependencies (libraries). This means a very integrated, difficult maintainable solution. That's what we intend to change, so our gameplan is to rewrite the Wallet in C# (.NET) so we can diverge its code away from the core. In this way we're able to separately maintain the wallet periodically without the need to build the entire suite, so this also works vice versa, we're able to work on the core without also having to worry about the wallet code. Also we are keeping the code from the wallet away from the GUI Wrapper so these 2 can also be maintained independently. We hope you understand, but be assured that what's been done is complete and for those interested, please check the GitHub: https://github.com/JohnJohnssonnl/MonetaVerdeGUI Best regards,
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    Welcome to the club.
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    Great time to mine them too, all the mining-for-instant-profits people switched off of them when the prices dropped... so now the difficulty is lower, but I'm busy building my MCN reserves for the potential future instead
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    I like the idea without offcourse looking at all pro's and cons.
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    Keep up the great work GrumpyBun! Thanks for dedicating so much of your time to this project!
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    Keep going John, one word: persistence
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    @GrumpyBum Good idea, I'll start changing them around and documenting the results here.
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    On my behalve: thank you David! You decided to start this project and that's the reason we are here on this forum in the first place. And a big thank you to the community, you're the early enthusiasts which give us feedback and help steer the ship. I think, and hope, to all of the community members we are an open team which appreciate every contribution to the project in any form, so please keep it up. Let's make this happen! Best regards,