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    Hello All, Been some time since I posted on here but I am still around. I want to see this happen and I keep moving forward everyday, more knowledge and lots of code with many different results. At this time, you may have noticed, I have backed off but I have not left. Feel like I have stood on @jakzodiac's toes a bit and this is his project, I am here to help and I am happy to do it his way. I do not have a lot to say until I have the opportunity to catch up with @jakzodiac as he has some great visions and I can see a great product resulting from his visions. For now I am still here, I am too far into this to abandon anyone, especially myself despite having less than 1% of this grand 100,000 above I have done a reverse look up on monetaverde.io sometime ago and as a result have the contact details of the site owner, but I have not done anything with these at this time. We are all mortal and @jakzodiac has had some changes that were unforeseen at the time of starting this, I understand the concern here but I also see the need for us to all be on the same page. We need to collaborate and go again as none of us saw this in the system. I am here when things are moving, I am watching until then as I do not want to divert the path of this into something lesser or otherwise (I will only accept better). I will be in touch people, sorry to be so quiet but I have been busy and I like been busy, it is all about where my attention is based so I have used this opportunity to develop elsewhere but have never given up on MCN either. Thanks all
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    @jakzodiac @GrumpyBum @Nathen Hi all. This a real concern from someone that trully believes in this project at point to spend already a few Euros and create a mining rig just to MonetaVerde. I also can speak in behalf of @fishbonnes and @MoneraVerde which are my friends that are also ivesting time and money in this project Each one of us by their own means. I'm pretty sure that there are a few other of us that share my/our concerns, problably @WicheR and @campurro that made an awsome job with the Mining Pool. Although i've mentioned all 3 Administrators, this is a post specially to @jakzodiac since it seems that he is the boss of the project. Being so, i start with the following. What is exactly the current Rodmap? I ask this because of the following: @johnJohnsson created a new wallet and made huge progress in it, but it seems that @jakzodiac was not in favor of it and therefore he left the project because os conflict of ideas. @GrumpyBum developed a new coin and gained huge knowledge to put in practice in MonetaVerde and also a wallet, and YET, Jakzodiac did not appreciate the effort and again said that it was not the point he was pointing to. We all know that you, JakZodiac, are in the middle of a Big change in your life like you're already posted previoulsy the reasons. You have all my respect for it. But the community still needs some words. We won't be able to eternally support something that we do not have an answer to. And now, the latest news that are moving a lot of ink and worries. There's a turkysh guy that created a new twiter account of monetaverde_mcn and that says the project will continue in monetaverde.io. He also states that it will be soon available in a exchange. This worries me A LOT, because apparently this guy does not have anything different to offer to the coin, which probably will make it die again in a few months because people will not be cativated with it. If this is the case, what for loose your time, right? So the bottom line is.... It seems that MonetaVerde is at least being spoken. It also seems that there are a few people interested in having it listed again. I at least want it listed but with possibility of growing in value. And for that i believe in you Jakzodiac. So PLEASE GIVE US SOMETHING and point us a direction. I was one of the people that always said it was too soon to have MonetaVerde listed again. I still believe that it is too soon, but having someone to steel this opportunity of creating a valuable coin is really affecting me because like i said, i've already invested in it. Hope that someone of the Administrator can at least give us something to discuss and not the news that no one wants to hear that, you've gave up of the project. Sincerily, Francisco
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    It may also be an issue with the percentage of the withdraw fee not being calculated properly? just a thought? I think fees are 1.5% ?
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    sorry, my bad... monetaverded --add-exclusive-node missed the last "0"
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    Greetings All, Just joind here but I have been watching this community from the shadows ever since David's first posts on Reddit... Sad too see that he is withdrawn from the community at the moment. I was really hoping he could bring this coin back! (As I was the #1 Minergate miner of MCN for several months strieght last year. Lol) Anyway, I have decided to join today due to an email from Minergate saying they have officially decided to discontinue support for MCN & inf8! I sent them an email asking things like: "What happens to the coins in my account?" & "when does this discontinuation start?" But their Auto-reply said it could take up to a week for a response Does anyone here have any info on Minergate's decision? & is the original MCN wallet from 2014 safe to use? (incase I have to dump my coins into it) Thanks, SomeMinerGuy
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    Hey all, joining the community now and excited to give Moneta Verde some life. I think getting more miners is going to be an essential part of this, and I think the barrier of entry for a lot of cryptonoobs is that there simply isn't enough instruction. I think a few promotional YouTube videos and a mining tutorial would do this coin good, I'd love to help in this way, as well as in inquiring to get the coin relisted on some exchanges Is there a CcMiner option for Moneta Verde? What's the most updated wallet I can find for this?
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    I'm very concerned about MCN and future of this project, hopefoly @jakzodiac give some light on this situation. Is unacceptable for me to lose this coin.
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    Mixed feelings about this, lets look at this from a distance...... My 2 cents worth and I encourage people to challenge my comments if they disagree 1. MinerGate has been the most common and well known front of these coins for some time, MinerGate has been the go to point and the primary advertising point for MCN and INF8. 2. MinerGate holds the monopoly of all the hashes in the blockchain for MCN to such an extent that others are basically pushed out of the market in any serious mining pools or daemon miners. 3. MinerGate response to request and change process is so largely back logged that nothing is happening quickly and many requests are been dumped due to lack of demand. So, with these 3 facts in mind lets talk about what this means for the MCN community and those of us (everyone here) that still work with MCN. 1. The table is wide open for new players, with MinerGate dropping MCN means that they no longer hold this monopoly and gives other mining pools, console miners and / or enthusiasts a chance to obtain some market share in the blockchain. If you have or want to build a mining pool for MCN then the time to do so is now! 2. This releases MCN from slow release change and ultimately hands the reigns over to developers, @jakzodiac does this news not mean that power of development has now been handed to us? The monopoly is now broken? For us to all build a future with MCN this is good news as it hands much power in MCN to the user, who wants it? MinerGate just created an opportunity to take it! 40% or more of the hashes in the system are now released by this monopoly and the change to distribute these evenly opens up new opportunity for all with a relaunch of MCN.
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    Your job is awesome, thanks for the new merged mining pool. And the new design of the pool is A.W.E.S.O.M.E !!!
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    I have some news I have created a new merged mining pool: PLURA + MCN: https://plura.minercountry.com/ ( Plura info: https://pluracoin.org/ ). Also I have redesigned the Moneta Verde mining pool, adding support for worker statistics: https://monetaverde.minercountry.com
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    Your welcome. Did that work for you?
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    It really doesn't matter if a holder has 100 MCN or 100,000 MCN. At the end of the day, once there is a majority they will have to be distributed and have continued network transactions in order for the project to be successful and keep the chain functioning. A holder having 1,000,000 for example, and dumping them into circulation at a bottom starting circulation rate is how it all begins. In some ways that is a good thing, meaning that there is more to pour in for a jump start. Sometimes it is not all about money, because with crypto it takes time, effort, commitment and patience for it to be successful and grow because it won't happen over night. I have faith in the project, but for some that do not fully understand how crypto works and assume that they will get rich by next week, don't have a full prospective and are into it for the wrong reasons. No predjudice.
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    Hi @MMLLC! Please refer to the last post of @GrumpyBum for his vision. Even though I quitted the project from developer perspective I still think there is a great future for blockchain as a whole. i concider MCN and SHC as hobby projects, and Im looking forward to future updates even perhaps at a slower pace. I don't understand about a p&d as MCN isn't listed as far as I know? Please note that all admins as far as I know have day jobs, so all work for this project is spare time. Thanks!
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    I sent a message to minergate and the responded the next day they resent and went through perfect. I have been putting 2 % in. I will try the 1.5 next round thanks for the input much appreciated!
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    I started this pool for solo mining (just for learning purposes), but now i decided to make it public.. we now have 2 active mining pools. http://shc-mikan.co
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    Would that not be worrisome for network speed? I'd be concerned if a payment didn't process, which I don't understand. considering the network speed with mining and watching the records of the block chain?
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    tnks! its syncing now
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    I'm pretty sure you haven't even tryed to look around. the post exactly below yours is exactly the same issue and has exactly the answer you want. monetaverded --add-exclusive-node Regards.
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    Please do not mistake withdrawl from minergate with blockchain sync. Those are 2 separate actions. Withdrawl from minergate are their responsability and therefore you don’t need your blockchain synced to have it done. Again, this is a minergate service. I’ve also some coins in pending status at minergate from about a week already. Had some delays in the past but this big is the first time. For what i’ve heard, it seems that for the time beying Minergate is not making any withdrawl at all for a reason that only they can tell. second, having your blockchain synced ONLY ALLOWS you to make sure that you can sync your wallet to be sure that you actually have the coins with you. In fact, you only need to have the wallet files backed up in a safe place and not actually synced because all transaction are kept in the blockchain. You need it synced if you want to do a transaction with your coins. bottom line, keep your eyes and worry in minergate and not in syncing blockchain, but if you want to sync blockchain and your wallet use the following command: monetaverded --add-exclusive-nod Regards.
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    You can find more here: http://harrier.tech/
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    Well, it took a while but I finally got kicked off of MinerGate chat. Apparently they don't like it when you point out that they a bunch of snarky little geeks that are afraid of little girls!
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    Hello All, I know many have been waiting for an announcement about a new coin, this is a work in progress and coming along as I have time. But the main thing here is the point of the new coin is design and testing for MCN, this is what the soft fork of MCN will look like! So lots of work to do, see SHC and the near future of MCN!! MCN Home: https://getmonetaverde.org SHC Home: http://harrier.tech MCN 2014: https://gitlab.com/GetMonetaVerde.org/monetaverde SHC 2018: https://github.com/GrumpyBum/harrier.coin MCN 2014 Mining Pool: https://minercountry.com/ SHC 2018 Mining Pool: https://shc.jofta.com/ MCN 2014 GUI Wallet: Will Not Happen MCN 2018 GUI Wallet: Following Soft Fork SHC 2018 GUI Wallet: https://github.com/GrumpyBum/harrier.wallet Following the Soft Fork of MCN a GUI Wallet will be Built! Here is an Example, Your feedback on this will shape the future of MCN
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    There is a new website been constructed here, https://getmonetaverde.org/ Currently it needs a fair bit of work to publish this site. Thanks,
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    UPDATE: Server Upgrade Successful, ReSyncing nodes from local servers now, will be a few hours. Thanks all MCN: --seed-node INF-8: --add-peer
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    I tested to see if I could make a top 5 list on MinerGate. The good news: I did it. The bad news: I have no idea what to do with 1000 Infinium-8.