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  2. What can we do with inf8

    Hey farfa, hopefully this will answer your question. Short answer: Nothing right now, but in the future hopefully it'll be usable again. Long answer: Right now the dev team for MCN is busy with all the huge changes coming to MCN, but once they've revived MCN properly they have the intent of doing something similiar with INF8. Since on Minergate you can Merge-Mine INF8 with MCN it's beneficial for you to mine both since you don't lose out on any MCN.
  3. erable lasercut

    Fast exemple of keychain with the official logo \o/ made with laser cut on erable
  4. What can I do to help the cause?

  5. Someone tell me to mine the inf8 to get more mcn... totay i'm near 350 inf8 but i don't know what can i do with it
  6. What can I do to help the cause?

    maybe you can give us the link ?
  7. C Sharp Wallet project

    why not PeaWallet ? or mint... and for walet the 'valise' is very interesting... we have in italian : -borsetta verde -portamonete verde -scambio verde -...
  8. What can I do to help the cause?

    I made the link to this forum instead of the website, because the website doesn't seem quite ready yet.
  9. C Sharp Wallet project

    When I think of a green wallet, first thing that comes to mind is an ALLIGATOR WALLET, or maybe just a GATOR WALLET
  10. I web-master a few websites. I can add links or whatever if that would help.
  11. Last week
  12. MCN Earnings

    @johnJohnsson Ahah! Thanks for the help anyway
  13. MCN Earnings

    Sounds better. Still a nice reward imho.. Enjoy mining
  14. Fourth Moderator Appointed

    Congrats Harold!
  15. MCN Earnings

    Ok ok i got a 2^40 in my calcul, now i got 2.58 Mcn per hour, look like great better
  16. First three community moderators appointed

    Nice to know, lets hope to make things better.
  17. MCN Earnings

    25Mcn per block? I calculate 2224611 with Log2(Difficulty)
  18. MCN Earnings

    2.3 coins per hour. Look at block reward has 7 digits before the comma and your number 6. Well, the block reward for one block is about 25 mcn (in this case 22) See my calculation?
  19. MCN Earnings

    It's write 230287 coins per hour, probably i got a wrong factor
  20. MCN Earnings

    2.3 coins per hour is quite accurate right? I also have about 250 h/s and get between 2 and 2.5 coins per hour.
  21. MCN Earnings

    Look like don't working
  22. Version 0.1


    hello, today i started to make 2 prototype of keychain 'monetaverde'
  23. Sync' MonetaVerde Blockchain

    Is there a way to check my balance in some explorer?
  24. Hello everybody, a big week before, I began the registration of statistics on the performances of my mining. Know you a software which allow me to see these log in charts ? maybe in our profile we could have a graph who would show our statistics of mining? thanks.
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